Ballincollig homes being targeted by bogus traders, says local councillor

Ballincollig homes being targeted by bogus traders, says local councillor

BALLINCOLLIG has been “plagued” by bogus traders and local councillor Derry Canty is urging people to report the fraudsters to An Garda Síochana.

Mr Canty said that the bogus traders are calling to homes asking to carry out work and said they are extremely persistent.

“It is not just fixing roofs, it is pipes, power-washing, every aspect of it, they are knocking on doors.” 

The local councillor said the issue had subsided for a little while, due to the 5km radius and the Covid restrictions, but said it has begun to appear again.

“It stopped for a while, but it came back again, but we are working on it.” 

Mr Canty said while Ballincollig community has been dealing with it well in terms of the Neighbourhood Watch, Community Hub, Text Alert system and the two community Gardaí, some people had been fooled by the fraudsters.

“A few people have gotten caught. My advice is, just tell them no, say sorry, no thanks.

"I have someone to do it and call the Gardaí” Mr Canty said.

The councillor said it can be difficult to get rid of them.

“You have to tell them someone is coming and they will argue with you about the price, but at a time you could have three or four vans coming in to estates to do it.” 

Mr Canty said the bogus traders seem to have a system where they target an area and then move on to another before coming back again.

“They were hitting Ballincollig and moving on to other areas such as Carrigaline, etc, but there are so many estates in Ballincollig they are coming back.” 

The Garda press office has been contacted for comment.

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