Councillor concerned about regular dumping in the Ballincollig area

Councillor concerned about regular dumping in the Ballincollig area

Illegal dumping has become a regular occurrence over recent weeks in Rosewood Field, Ballincollig with officials

CORK City councillor Colm Kelleher has highlighted illegal dumping which he says has become a regular occurrence over recent weeks in Rosewood Field, Ballincollig.

The Fianna Fáil councillor expressed his disappointment with the illegal dumping in Rosewood Field. 

“I am very disappointed and sad at the illegal dumping. I am from Rosewood and I am very familiar with Rosewood Field. 

"The dumping took place behind what is effectively a building site on the former Supernova which was an activity centre. 

"There seems to be an opening there which people are using to get through. In the last number of days, there has been an increase in illegal dumping there,” he said.

Cllr Kelleher revealed that following discussions with city council officials, Rosewood Field will be cleaned up on Monday. 

“I have spoken to members of the council and the engineers. They confirmed they are going to get the place cleaned up next Monday. The response from the council has been immediate. I would like to commend the executive on that. 

"It is a shame what has happened to Rosewood Field down through the years. When I was growing up there, there was a soccer and GAA pitch there. The Rosewood Residents Committee Association used to collect dues from local residents to maintain the pitches. The County Council took the pitches in their care and they used to cut them regularly.

“That has stopped in recent years and the City Council hasn’t taken care of it either. It is disappointing to see the way Rosewood Field has gone. I have requested the council look at the possibility of maintaining it. The council cutting green areas is a very dark area. There are always constraints within budgets to take on new areas,” he added.

Local residents in the Rosewood area are very concerned about the increase in illegal dumping in recent weeks said Mr Kelleher. 

“Residents are very concerned with all the illegal dumping which is taking place in their area. They have done their best to clean it up, but it is becoming so regular now it is heartbreaking for them. It is upsetting for local residents. By dumping rubbish in a field which is surrounded by a residential area, it will inevitably entice rats. If it continues issues with vermin could be a big problem.” 

Mr Kelleher has appealed to people to remain vigilant and report people if they see any illegal dumping taking place. 

“The council put up road barriers years ago to stop people driving in and dumping there. There are ways of getting in there from the Link Road. In the dead of night, there is impossible to stop people dumping, unfortunately. CCTV is very effective but we can’t have CCTV installed in every field throughout the city. I am trying to raise awareness. People are conscious of it now. If people are seen engaging in illegal dumping they should be reported and fines should be issued,” he added.

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