On the Buses: Festive fun on the 205

On the Buses: Festive fun on the 205

Sasha Rangel and her cousin, Anneli Rangel. Picture: Denis Minihane

“HAPPY Christmas” was the greeting on the tip of the tongue this week as the Evening Echo boarded the 205 to CIT.

First up we met cousins Sasha and Anneli Rangel. Anneli was very excited to tell the Evening Echo all about her newborn little sister and how it was her job to protect her.

Talking about Christmas, little Anneli said she was looking forward to visiting Santa at the Fota Resort as well as going ice skating at Cork on Ice at Mahon.

Anneli said she would be getting a toy horse to go with her collection from Santa and a special hat with jingles on it.

Anneli also told the Evening Echo that she was a princess and the nicest thing she did for Santa was to clean her room, although she added a disclaimer that it may be a bit messy at the moment and she intended to tidy it again when she got home.

Sasha, who was minding Anneli on the bus, said she was visiting from Miami where she lives. Sasha, who is studying Film and TV in Georgia, will be spending Christmas in Miami with family. She said she was having a great time here in Ireland with Anneli and she was looking forward to dog sitting with Anneli later. They would also be putting up the Christmas tree.

Next on the bus were Eileen and Jerry Twomey who were heading into town.

Eileen was going Christmas shopping and Jerry was going attending the Cork City Council Christmas party for retired members.

Eileen and Jerry Twomey: Christmas with friends.	Picture: Denis Minihane
Eileen and Jerry Twomey: Christmas with friends. Picture: Denis Minihane

“I am eight years retired and it is lovely to go back and see everyone,” Jerry said.

Eileen said they will be spending Christmas with friends as their three boys, John, Jerry and Mark are living in America in Malibu and Pennsylvania.

“We are always asked over, but it is so cold,” Eileen said.

“We miss the lads a lot at Christmas.We will still have a traditional Christmas dinner, sure it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.”

Jimmy O’Donovan, from The Glen, was heading to the hospital for a check-up and visit.

“My brother Liam is in the Cardiac Ward, he has been there since Sunday, but has been in and out a bit, he is almost a regular over the years,” Jimmy told the Evening Echo.

Jimmy O'Donovan. 	Picture: Denis Minihane
Jimmy O'Donovan. Picture: Denis Minihane

On the festive season, he said:

“Sure who doesn’t love the festivities. There will be me and my wife Mary and our six grown up children and eight grandchildren.

“One of the grandchildren won’t be coming home, he is studying in France, but the rest will visit. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and having a happy, peaceful time.”

Des Walsh from Ballinhassig, was on the bus doing a codeword puzzle when the Evening Echo popped over to say hello.

“I am going doing some Christmas shopping and a few bits,” Des told us. “I am looking forward to Christmas. It’s always good fun, apart from the weather.”

Des said he will be spending Christmas Day with friends as he has done for a number of years.

Des Walsh: Going shopping. 	Picture: Denis Minihane
Des Walsh: Going shopping. Picture: Denis Minihane

“There is seven of us who get together at Christmas, I go to their house as I have just moved into a new house and it is not quite ready for hosting yet.”

Des said it’s great fun doing up his new house.

“At the moment I am landscaping the garden and decorating.

He told the Evening Echo he was retired from the Irish Aviation Authority at Cork Airport.

“I used to look after all the communication equipment like the radar and radio, etc.

“It’s a different job now, they brought in a load of equipment before I left and it was like going from a Morris Minor to a Mercedes.”

Finally, Eoin Fox from Clonmel is in first year of college at CIT studying Electrical Engineering. “It is very interesting, I am getting on well.”

Eoin has gone back to college as a mature student after spending a few years in Canada. He said he was not too pushed about Christmas as he will be working and won’t have a chance to go home.

Eoin Fox is working Christmas Eve. 	Picture: Denis Minihane
Eoin Fox is working Christmas Eve. Picture: Denis Minihane

“I will be working in River Island Christmas Eve and Stephen’s Day. Hopefully, my dad will come up on Christmas Day to see me.”

Eoin said he didn’t have many presents to buy this year as they do Kris Kringle in their family and he wasn’t in a serious relationship.

“I am looking forward to the new year, I will be meeting my niece for the first time, she is having her christening on New Year, that will be the highlight of my Christmas.”

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