25% increase in illegal dumping in the city

25% increase in illegal dumping in the city
Illegal dumping has increased in the city by 25% in some areas. Credit: Damian Coleman.

Illegal dumping has increased by up to 25% in some parts of the city since the start of the lockdown, Cork City Council has said.

The council released the information alongside a plea to the public to dispose of their waste and refuse in a responsible manner.

A spokesperson for the council reiterated that all licenced kerbside refuse collectors are deemed an essential service by the Government and continue to operate their full regular service and also the Kinsale Road Civic Amenity Site continues to operate a full regular service accepting refuse and recyclable material.

The council warned that litter wardens will continue to operate and can issue litter fines of up to €150 where instances of illegal dumping take place.

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