Anger that it costs three times more to build a house in Cork than UK

Echoes of our Past: What was in the news 100 years ago, on July 30, 1922
Anger that it costs three times more to build a house in Cork than UK

An Echo report on July 30, 1922

BUILDING a house in Cork costs three times more than it does in England, a letter writer to the Echo claimed 100 years ago today on July 29, 1922.

J.E. O’Flynn wrote: “The building of houses for the working classes is, naturally, an absolutes necessity for the welfare of the community.

“But Robert Day (Labour parliamentary representative) and George Nason (Cork Workers Council), well versed in this complex topic, have as yet said little regarding price differentials between Cork and other places

“It being a mater of interest to me, I have taken the trouble to find out price particulars for similar type houses. They are as follows: Cork, £1,100, Isleworth £388, Northampton £360, Nottingham £349. It therefore appears that to build a house in Cork it costs three times more than in other places.

“Surely this state of affairs requires elucidation, and the men of the hour are the Labour Party, who ought to find out, if they do not know already know, the cause of the impasse which so sorely stops the building of houses the citizens demand.”

Rural Sanitary Inspections

A joint meeting of Cork Corporation and the Cork Rural District Councils was held in the Court-house to-day to confer on the inspection of dairy cowsheds and slaughterhouses.

The Corporation explained it is anxious to secure powers of inspection outside the city borough in order that the milk supply coming in is as pure possible, and that best hygienic considerations are kept in the slaughter of animals.

Mr Goulding (R.D.C.) said the rural districts presently have 14 medical officers, seven sanitary inspectors, a veterinary inspector and a dairy inspector for these very purposes.

Inspections are conducted to the minutest detail and producers could not suffer any further restrictions.

Mr Barry (Corporation) maintained the Corporation Inspectors should have as much right to inspect dairies and slaughterhouses in the country.

The city’s sole anxiety was cleanliness in the interests of public health.

The bulk of the meat in the city was coming in from rural slaughterhouses.

Discussion continued and the Cork Rural Council reps were asked to report favourably on the matter to their councils.

Rescued from Drowning

Dear Sir, Two evenings ago, I witnessed a young chap, aged 9 or 10, fall into the river at North Mall. An alarm was raised and a crowd collected.

A young man immediately jumped into the water off the railing and caught the boy. He was struggling in the water and being carried away by a strong ebbing tide.

The young man failed in his efforts to bring him to a vessel close by and drifted with him to the steps near the North Gate Bridge.

A second youth now jumped in, but his assistance did not appear to be required. A life buoy on an adjacent lamp post was also availed of.

I expected to see some report of this heroic episode in the press. I heard the name Begley mentioned as the rescuer. I hope some person better acquainted with fuller particulars of this highly commendable act will bring it before the Corporation with a view to due recognition and suitable reward. Yours, A Spectator.

Purse stolen in church

Christopher Collins, 16, appeared in court charged with the larceny of a purse the property of Mrs Downey.

Police Officer O’Sullivan deposed that he arrested accused in St Augustine Street yesterday evening.

Mrs Downey said she had been praying before the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin in St Augustine’s Church when the prisoner kneeled beside her.

When she stood up to put her hand in her pocket to get money for candles, she found her purse had disappeared. She ran out after the prisoner onto the Grand Parade, raising the cry: “Stop Thief!”

A young man pursued the prisoner and captured him.

Mrs Downey wanted to take him before the priest, but he appealed to her in God’s name not to.

Inspector Fitzgerald said the prisoner was out of gaol less than a month.

The prisoner’s mother told the Bench that the accused had gone completely beyond her control, and she was unable to do anything with him.

Accused was remanded for the attendance of Inspector Fitzsimons, N.S.P.C.C.

Complaint about hospital

At Tuesday night’s Cork County Board meeting, serious allegations were made against one of our hospitals arising out of the manner in which a hurler who had been injured at Riverstown on Sunday had been received.

The Board’s Secretary has been directed to put all the facts of the case in writing and put it before the next meeting of the hospital’s management.

Municipal Band Parade

The Lee Pipers will play the following programme on the Marina on Sunday at 4pm - The Men of the West, Glendaruel, Our Boys Brigade, Farewell to Gibraltar, The Butchers March, Bogs of Waul and An Pibroch Bawn.

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