The perils of fruit, a daring female prison break-out, and golf club set ablaze

What was in the news 100 years ago today? Richard Forrest reports, in our weekly Echoes of the Past column
The perils of fruit, a daring female prison break-out, and golf club set ablaze

FRUIT a menace to life and limb? That was the tone of a letter that appeared in the Echo 100 years ago today, on May 28, 1921.

Dear Sir - The number of falls through the throwing of orange peel and banana skin on the footpath is becoming a terror to pedestrians. Yesterday I witnessed three people tumble. One lady had her hand damaged and were it not for a very expensive parasol she had, she would have had her arm broken. The parasol was smashed instead. Would it not be well if vendors of these goods should caution ignorant people, or some means be taken to prevent this menace to life and limb? - Yours etc., A VICTIM

Elsewhere, the War of Independence continued to rage.

Body Found in Suburbs

The Corporation Ambulance and a party of police were dispatched at half past four yesterday when the body of a man was found in a field near Dennehy’s Cross and adjoining the Model Farm Road. The corpse was that of a respectably dressed, rather elderly man. His head was quite bald but there was a large wig nearby. A large bullet wound to the forehead appears to be the cause of death.

From papers found in the pockets, it would appear that deceased was an ex-soldier named Christopher O’Sullivan residing at 132, Blarney Street.

Body Found in Ovens

This morning, another body, apparently that of a man of the labouring class, was found on the road side near Ovens Post Office. It has not yet been identified and bore several bullet wounds and a label similar to that found in similar cases.

Admiralty Cables

The Admiralty’s telegraph and telephone cables that run under the sea from Whitepoint, Cove, to Haulbowline were completely severed yesterday morning and all communications with the dockyard were stopped. All wire connections for Cove itself were also cut off.

Dolly Burke’s Break Out

Last night, a daring escape from the Cork Female Prison was effected when a man and two women called and asked to have an interview with Dolly Burke. They were left in a waiting room while the superintendent was consulted. He said the visit could not be allowed as the prisoner already had her quota of visits.

The man then produced a revolver and the wardresses had the keys taken from them and were locked in the waiting room. The escape was then effected.

A painter working in the grounds of the prison has since been arrested as he is alleged to have assisted in the escape.

Mallow Trial Concludes

Proceedings in the General Courtmartial relating to the the attack on Mallow Barracks on Spetmber 28 last came to an end in Cork this morning. David Buckley, Denis Barter, Daniel McCarthy all of Mourneabbey, and Owen Harold and John Murphy, of Mallow, were found guilty of the murder of William Gibbs, a Sergeant in the 17th Lancers. Timothy Breen, of Lombardstown was found not guilty.

Troops Rumour Denied

There is no authoritative foundation for the statement that 50,000 extra troops are to be sent to Ireland.

The Prime Minister David Lloyd George stated in the House of Commons on Thursday night that if the situation demanded anything further, it was for the Crown forces present to cope with.

In round figures, there are 50,000 troops currently in Ireland and the Government considers that ample to cope with the situation as it is at present.

Official Reprisals

The houses of the following were destroyed in West Cork on May 23/24/25: William Dwyer, of Eyeries; Frank Sullivan, of Adrigole; Jeremiah Connor, of Ardgroom, T.P. Spillane, of Waterfall and Tim Murphy, of Rossmacowan.

The destruction was ordered by Colonel Commandant H.W. Higginson, 17th Infantry Brigade and Military Governor, on the grounds that their owners are supporters of armed rebels.

Cork Burnings

Dublin Castle reports state that last Wednesday the residence of Maude Jacobs, a loyalist, of Castle View, Blackrock was set on fire and destroyed, as was the adjoining house belonging to Huret Simpson.

At 6am yesterday, Douglas Golf Club was completely destroyed by fire, with damage estimated at £10,000.

At 8am, Sir Alfred Dobbin and his family were ordered out of their residence in Montenotte and petrol was poured on the floors of various rooms and set alight.

The damage is estimated at between £15,000 and £20,000.

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