Would you consider leaving a  legacy donation in your will?

Without charities, Irish society as we know it would not function, so says Chairperson of My Legacy, Katherina Bentley, to mark My Legacy Month
Would you consider leaving a  legacy donation in your will?

Kathrina Bentley, Chairperson of My Legacy with their ambassador, Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh, to mark, My Legacy Month.

MOST Irish people have a relationship with a charity, having experienced support first-hand, or had a friend or family member lean on a charity in tough times.

As Chairperson of My Legacy, this November I am asking people to consider making a will and leaving a legacy gift to a charity during My Legacy Month.

My Legacy is an umbrella group of 65 Irish charities who work together to highlight the great importance of making a will and asks the public to consider supporting a cause close to their heart into the future.

Irish charities provide invaluable advocacy, awareness, education and support across society and in our communities. We know how generous Irish people are when it comes to local fundraisers and emergency appeals. Leaving a legacy gift is another simple way to support these causes and ensure the sustainability of the charity sector into the future.

When you consider organising your will, you are reflecting on what matters most in your life and what footprint you want to leave behind. Leaving a legacy gift allows you the security of knowing that you will continue to support charities and causes close to your heart, like they have supported you and your loved ones in life.

Leaving a legacy as part of your will is a very simple process. I contacted a local solicitor and made an appointment. Having a face-to-face meeting means you can communicate your full wishes to your solicitor, who can then advise you fully on the best next steps for your personal circumstances. In my case, the appointment only took about two hours and it was one of the most important steps I have taken in my life.

I have left a legacy gift to a charity that has helped me through a difficult personal time to ensure they can continue to help people like me in the future. I feel my gift is a gift of hope.

It is a huge comfort to me that those I love will be looked after and will not have any additional anxiety at a difficult time and leaving a legacy gift as part of this will process allows me to continue to support those charities that I have supported throughout my life.

A legacy gift left to a charity can be large or small. Not many people are aware that a legacy gift to a charity is tax free. This means that your chosen charity will receive 100% of your donation and no inheritance tax will need to be paid on it. This is a win-win situation for both the donor and the lucky charity.

I have been involved in the charity sector for 10 years and have seen the positive impact legacy gifting has had on Irish charities and how rewarding it is on a personal level for the donor and the donor’s family. Supporting charities has always been an important value in my family and we have always donated to causes that matter to us. For me, it is the next natural step to leave a final gift in my will.

November is My Legacy Month and this year our ambassador is Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh.

As he eloquently commented: “There is a saying in Irish ‘Ni neart go cur le cheile’, meaning you don’t really know what power is until everyone comes together’.

“When we are considering writing our wills and what matters to us, imagine the positive impact on a future Ireland we can all make in such a simple way now. What a gift of hope.”

This My Legacy Month, I would encourage everyone to consider leaving a legacy donation in their will. By visiting MyLegacy.ie, you can find a list of our member charities, who each do amazing work, as well as a list of expert solicitors who can guide you on this simple process.

We also welcome charities who would be interested in getting involved and working with us as a member. Visit MyLegacy.ie or email ellie@mylegacy.ie to find out further information about becoming a member, our annual LegacyFest event, Irish charity research, training events, networking and annual campaigns. We also work with other stakeholders such as legal, financial and Governmental bodies. We would love to talk to you and welcome new members.


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