Adrigole light up during gloom

Adrigole light up during gloom

The new flloodlights at Adrigole GAA Club's pitch in West Cork.

ADRIGOLE GAA Club recently installed new state-of-the-art floodlights which has ensured they are the first club in Beara to possess floodlights.

The ambitious club have already used the brilliant new floodlights for training sessions and hosting various games. 

The club are hopeful of holding an official launch in the future when current restrictions are lifted.

The Beara divisional club are thrilled with the finished product revealed club chairman Kevin Green. 

“We are delighted with the new floodlights. We have seen the contractors work previously with other clubs and were impressed. 

"That gave us great confidence. It was a big undertaking, but we are thrilled with the end product,” said the club officer.

Having state-of-the-art floodlights represents a great achievement for the progressive GAA Club. 

Adrigole are the only club in the Beara division to currently possess lights, while from Caheragh GAA Club grounds on, they are the only club to have floodlights at present. 

The installing of floodlights reflects well on the club agreed Kevin.

“It is a nice milestone for the club. We have a great complex here now for the players, both adult and underage. 

"We have lovely dressing rooms, hall, astroturf pitch, superb playing pitch and now great floodlights.

"We are always seeking to improve and upgrade where possible. It is important to provide the best facilities for the players who are themselves seeking to develop and progress. 

"The club also possess a walkway around the main pitch which is great for the community. It is important we provide top facilities for all the community who are great supporters of our teams. 

"It is all about providing for the next generation.” 

Planning permission was granted in early 2019 and the club were keen to drive on and erect the floodlights in as quick a timeframe as possible declared Sean. 

“We have great people involved in the club who drove the project on. There was a lot of work behind the scenes in ensuring the project got off the ground. 

"A lot of people did a lot of the work on a voluntary basis which was a huge benefit. We got €56,000 in sports grants which was a big boost. 

"We still have to raise a good bit more, but all funds raised via grants were grateful received. Our thinking was when we started off with this project, was that we were investing in our future. 

"This is a huge project which will prove a huge asset to the club on a long term basis.” 

Covid-19 has had a huge impact with regards raising finance for lot of sporting clubs throughout the country. 

Adrigole GAA Club are no different unfortunately revealed Sean. 

“We had a fundraising race night cancelled just as the pandemic took off globally back in March. Our biggest fundraiser on an annual basis is our festival in August which includes a very popular duck race. 

"We are hoping to hold this duck race on the last weekend of October, which will raise much needed funds.” 

 Providing floodlights for players is now key as it ensures players can train all year round which will enhance their continued progress as players. 

Another advantage to having floodlights will be their ability to host more games in their picturesque venue. 

This will reduce travelling for certain players and it affords their supporters more opportunities to watch their games. Kevin is looking forward to the floodlights being used on a regular basis. 

“Due to our remote location, teams were reluctant to travel down on a Sunday. With floodlights now, it allows us more flexibility in the sense that we can host adult league games on a Friday or Saturday evening now. 

"We had to do a lot of travelling or else play in a neutral venue. Our supporters were missing out on a lot of games. It keeps the interest in the parish also as our young players can go and watch their local team.” 

Adrigole GAA Club are always striving to provide top facilities for their players so as to ensure they keep developing. 

Kevin and his colleagues realise that to keep improving, they must meet the growing demand from their players to keep improvising. 

“We have great facilities for the players. It is important that we meet their expectations. They train hard and if we can match their effort it is important we do so. 

"The players train away on the astroturf throughout the year. We have a brilliant pitch with a really good playing surface. 

"We are constantly seeking ways to improve and provide the best for our players. The club has come a long way in a short space of time. The pitch was only opened in 1979. 

"We now boast brilliant facilities. It is testament to hard work from so many people.” Playing numbers are always an issue for rural clubs and Adrigole are no different. 

"From U12 level on, they have amalgamated with Glengarriff to form Caha Og. Playing numbers are growing however which provides Kevin with renewed optimism moving forward.

“Our playing numbers are improving, but it is a gradual process. We have 50 pupils in national school in Adrigole, which is tight. With the numbers we have, we are doing very well to be so competitive at every grade. 

"There is great work going, both from a coaching perspective and a committee level driving on initiatives within the club.”

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