CSPCA did not have 'manpower' to aid injured swan left by river for 24 hours

CSPCA did not have 'manpower' to aid injured swan left by river for 24 hours
The injured swan on a slipway next to the Shandon footbridge at the Coal Quay.

AN injured swan, which appeared to have a broken wing, was left stranded on a ramp by the river Lee for more than 24 hours, it has emerged.

The swan was spotted by Joe Breen,on a ramp in the river, across from the Coal Quay in the city while taking his daily commute to work.

After spotting the injured animal, Joe made a number of calls to local animal organisations in order to find someone who would tend to the injury and feed the swan. “The animal was ravenous,” he said.

According to Joe, no one was free to help at that time and when he was walking home from work at around 7pm, the distressed and hungry animal was still there, perched on the ramp, unable to swim away.

“This is not the first time I have come across a swan in distress by the river. This is the second time in four years, but last time, I recall it was dealt with very quickly.” Joe said he always enjoys seeing the swans as he walks to work, but he said these animals are more than a pretty picture.

“We (the public) should be responsible for the animals in the river. The first dog that saw that swan would have killed it.”

A spokesperson for the CSPCA said that they did not have the manpower to respond to the call when they got it on Monday, but were just heading out to aid the animal when the Evening Echo called on Tuesday morning around 10am.

“We are constantly under pressure. We do not have the resources to answer every call we get, there is always something. We can’t cope with the demand.”

According to the CSPCA the future for the injured swan, might still be bright after their initial assessment.

“It is a male swan. We went down there and he went into the water so we couldn’t catch him. However, he was preening, swimming and feeding. He also stretched his wing so it doesn’t look broken. We will monitor the situation and go see him again tomorrow. At this stage it just looks like a bit of bruising.”

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