Mayfield Division to get five new gardaí

Mayfield Division to get five new gardaí

Mayfield Garda Supt Mick Comyns. Pic Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

FIVE new gardaí have been confirmed for the Mayfield Garda Division. 

From July, Mayfield residents will see five new faces policing the streets in their area.

Superintendent Mick Comyns said it was a positive development that would result in more guards on the streets.

“It will help with general policing and put more gardaí out and about,” Supt Comyns said.

“It will mean answering more calls and getting to more calls faster. Just your ordinary, everyday stuff. We are so understrength at the moment.” 

The Superintendent said the division is down a number of officers and the injection of new blood is very much welcomed.

“Our gardaí are completely strapped at the moment, they go out on a call and there could be two more calls waiting by the time they finish.

“We have calls waiting a lot longer than I would like and we are longer getting to calls.

“It is full-time pressure, and then you have the paperwork.” 

Supt Comyns said things are always stretched during the summer with people taking annual leave.

“On top of what they are trying to do on a daily basis this time of year then you have holiday season.

“People taking leave puts an extra pressure on what is already a skeleton staff.

“We have just enough to keep us going so these five guards are very much welcomed.

“Obviously they will be a help to alleviate some of the pressure.” 

Supt Comyns said although they appreciate the five fresh faces joining their ranks, the division is down a lot more than five officers.

“We could do with a lot more. We have what we have and I have to try and manage with what we have.”

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