Residents broken by Tarry Path vandalism

Residents broken by Tarry Path vandalism

Sinn Féin TD, Jonathan O’Brien and Cllr Stephen Cunningham speaking with Grace Padwick at the pathway behind Lagan Grove, Mayfield. Residents homes are being targeted by vandals. Picture: Denis Minihane

RESIDENTS in an area of Mayfield are calling for a permanent solution to anti-social behaviour and vandalism on the ‘Tarry Path’ as windows on homes are used as targets for catapulting stones.

Lagan Grove resident Grace Padwick says her windows have been smashed five times since last October by groups gathering on the popular shortcut behind her home.

Vandals can target the back of houses from the path easily, Ms Padwick told the Evening Echo.

“Twenty years ago it started, but in the last three or four years, it’s gotten out of control. It’s the elderly people I feel sorry for, who are living in the house on their own,” she said.

“And the people who own their own homes and only have their pension who can’t afford to replace (the broken windows) and on top of that, how scared they are.

“They are actually using catapults, they have to be, for the force to break double glazed windows.”

“My son is 10. When he was in his walker, a stone came straight through the kitchen window, just passed his head and landed on the couch.”

Sinn Féin City Councillor for Cork City North East, Stephen Cunningham, said Cork City Council needs to offer a solution to residents.

“There have been motions put down in the past regarding the path. What we are looking for is that the council puts in some sort of permanent solution, be it to build houses just by the path, or to close off the path if that can’t be done. We can’t keep letting this go on as it is.”

Cllr Cunningham said he hoped an amicable solution can be arranged that suits all residents in the area.

“I understand it’s a shortcut, but at the end of the day, it’s an extra couple of minutes of a walk just to go down to Liffey Park into Lagan Grove and out onto the main road. It is a bit of a disruption if you don’t have that shortcut but my main concern is people’s safety and the huge cost to people of repairing their windows.”

Cork North Central TD Jonathan O’Brien has also called for a solution, adding: “Some of the residents, like Grace, have been living here all their lives and this has been going on for well over 15 years. The amount of money they’ve spent on repairing their windows, it’s crazy to be honest,” Deputy O’Brien said.

“They are just ordinary working people, they can’t afford to be doing this all the time. The council need to come up with a long-term solution.

“Unless there is a change of attitude, unfortunately, residents like Grace are going to continue to suffer. They need to put something in place to stop it from happening.”

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