On the Buses: "It's great to be alive," Mayfielder tells of close call

On the Buses: "It's great to be alive," Mayfielder tells of close call
Denis Crowley from Mayfield. Picture: David Keane.

TALES of homeward bound relations and near death experiences topped off a lovely trip around Mayfield this week.

Denis Crowley, originally from West Cork, but living in Mayfield said: “It’s great to be alive” after surviving a near-death incident.

“I had a heart attack nine weeks ago on a golf course in Wicklow. I dropped dead but my caddy, Gerry Keohane, who is a first aider, revived me.”

Denis, who works as a taxi-driver said he can’t drive for six months after the operation so he is currently not working.

“They put a defibrillator in my chest and I can’t drive in case it needs to activate and give me a shock. In such a situation, I could cause injury to others.”

Denis said he is delighted to be alive, but it can be very stressful not working. “I am self-employed, so I am not entitled to anything. I am living off fresh air and sunshine. It can be hard coming into Christmas with no income and another two months to go.”

He also said he missed his daughter’s wedding in New York because he couldn’t travel. “It was in September.”

Despite these disappointments, Denis said he was very much looking forward to Christmas.

“My three children, Donagh, Liam and Orla, live in Cork so they will all be here for the holidays and I have three Grandchildren, Jordan,17, Lauren, 15 and Ryan, six.

“Children make Christmas very special, it is lovely to have Santa in the house again, it brightens up the season.”

Denis wanted to take the time to wish everyone a happy Christmas. “It is a special time of the year, we must all live life to the full.”

Nuala Crowley, Mayfield was also looking forward to Christmas as her son, Alan, is coming home from Boston, and her grandson, Rob, is coming from Philadelphia with his wife, Jen.

Nuala Crowley: Son coming home from Boston.
Nuala Crowley: Son coming home from Boston.

“They got married in Cork last year,” Nuala said. “It will be lovely to have them home again this Christmas.”

Nuala said there will be a full house at her daughter, Lorna’s, in Mount Oval for Christmas Day.

“There will be a big crowd. Barbara, my other daughter will also be coming. I can’t wait.”

Marie Healy from Mayfield was heading home from the city after a bit of Christmas shopping.

Marie Healy: Heading home after bit of shopping.	 Picture: David Keane
Marie Healy: Heading home after bit of shopping. Picture: David Keane

“I picked up a few bargains,” Marie told us delighted, “I am not very organised, I have loads to do.”

Marie said she finds town difficult over the Christmas period. “Town was very busy, I couldn’t stick it, especially with the rain.”

Despite this, Marie is looking forward to Christmas.

“It is a lovely time of year. I will have my daughter and her husband coming to me for Christmas.

“We will be having the full Christmas dinner, young people don’t cook at all anymore, we have to cook for them.”

Marie said she was looking forward to relaxing over the Christmas period. “It can be a busy time of year.”

Bernadette Clarke, Mayfield was in the festive spirit on the 208 to Mayfield.

Bernadette Clarke: Heading to her sister’s for Christmas Day.
Bernadette Clarke: Heading to her sister’s for Christmas Day.

“I’m just going to town to go Christmas shopping and meet a friend for dinner. I love Christmas, I love everything about it. It is a fantastic time of year. There are lovely things in the shops and everyone is full of chat. It is a very happy time of year.”

Bernadette told us about her busy festive plans.

“I will go to my sister, Marjorie’s house, on Christmas day with my mom, Theresa, and my dad, Liam.

On Stephen’s Day I will go to my other sister, Carol’s house, and on New Year’s Day I will go to my brother, Tom.”

“It is great to be together and to spend time with family and friends.”

Thinking about her shopping, Bernadette said she had a few presents to buy, “I have five nieces and two nephews, but I have everything organised.”

Our final bus companion was Charlotte MacDonald, who moved over to Cork from California two years ago.

Charlotte MacDonald: Christmas here is sweeter.
Charlotte MacDonald: Christmas here is sweeter.

“I live on the Western Road and teach music part-time. I play the fiddle, violin and piano. I have been a musician all my life, I love traditional and classical music.”

Charlotte said she loves Cork and enjoys living here despite the weather.

“There is a cosmopolitan aspect to the city, there are many types of people and then there is the college environment. The spirit and personality of the city is tangible.”

Charlotte said it was very different to California where she used to live, but she liked it. “Even sunshine can get boring, my life is here in Cork.”

Speaking of Christmas, Charlotte said it is nicer in Cork than it is in America. “Things are very commercial in America, it is sweeter here, more friendly and warm.”

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