Councillor's election posters disappear from Blarney

Councillor's election posters disappear from Blarney
The trailer containing election poster for Councillor Kevin Conway which has gone missing.

BLARNEY Gardaí are investigating the disappearance of a trailer containing the election posters of an independent councillor.

Current county representative Kevin Conway - who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer in hospital - had a team of people ready to distribute his posters around the new city west ward in which he is running for election on Tuesday night but a trailer containing the items has gone missing.

The trailer was parked by Mr Conway’s election team up on a public road but was locked up.

Mr Conway told the Echo that he is baffled by the disappearance and has appealed for information as to its whereabouts.

“These were supposed to be the main part of my election campaign and now they are gone. There has been a team of people helping me with this and they have done superb work in getting the campaign up and running while I have been too ill to get involved myself.

“The trailer itself was constructed by friends over the past number of weeks as I myself am in hospital for severe chemotherapy treatment and will remain in hospital for a number of weeks until my treatment is completed. As a result, a team has been set up on my behalf to canvass the Cork City North West area which includes Blarney, Tower, Cloghroe, Clogheen, Kerry Pike, Killeens, and most of the north side of Cork City. We would appreciate any information or sightings of this trailer as it will have a serious restriction on my campaign.

“The trailer was parked about 100 yards from my house when at Coolowen from 2pm to around 5pm on Easter Monday.

“It’s very important we find out where it is so we can get them up,” he added.

The matter has been reported to Gardaí who are making enquiries.

Councillor Conway can be contacted via email at or text on 0872795814. Information can also be forwarded to the Blarney Gardaí.

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