Nash's Boreen once again the site of anti-social behaviour

Nash's Boreen once again the site of anti-social behaviour
A burned out car in Nash's Boreen.

LOCAL residents of Nash’s Boreen are desperate to preserve and protect the area after it was once again the site of illegal dumping.

The northside amenity walk which stretches from upper Fair Hill and runs as far as Apple Computers in Hollyhill has previously been the site of illegal activity and resident Derry O’Farrell has now called for action following a spike in incidents.

"I went for a walk back the boreen a couple of days ago and was disgusted by what I saw. 

"The problems of anti-social activity largely exist on the western side of the boreen. 

"A section of the walk was completely blocked by a burned-out people carrier. 

"It’s a narrow boreen, approximately three metres wide, so the vehicle made it impassable. 

"I also came across a discarded washing machine, clothes and the ash of a burned-out caravan near St Anthony’s Park. 

"It’s awful to see," he told The Echo

"I was born and raised in Nash’s Boreen and to see it in this state is very disappointing, especially when it’s a historic area, with lots of ecclesiastical sites nearby. 

"I’m passionate about preserving the heritage of the boreen and keeping it as an amenity walk for the people of the northside," Derry continued.

In recent years, Nash’s Boreen was opened to vehicle traffic on the Hollyhill side after a legal case was won by a landowner and since then there have been repeated incidents of wanton vandalism, illegal dumping and general anti-social behaviour.

Illegal dumping at Nash's Boreen on Cork's northside.
Illegal dumping at Nash's Boreen on Cork's northside.

"I would like to see the Hollyhill side closed to vehicle traffic to try and alleviate the existing problems," Derry said. 

Former Sinn Féin Councillor Mick Nugent is also keen to see the situation looked at once again. 

"A solution to the problems at Nash’s Boreen must be identified. 

"I would think the Hollyhill side needs to either be closed off to vehicle traffic once again or else some kind of controlled gate access could be installed, providing access to landowners on that side," he said. 

"The boreen is an amenity walk that is there to be enjoyed. 

"It has some beautiful views but illegal dumping in the area is extremely frustrating and disappointing to see," he continued.

Cork City Council took over the jurisdiction of Nash’s Boreen back in May, but Derry notes that there has not been an improvement since the change. 

"When the County Council looked after the area, it was tended to more frequently. 

"I have to say that the City Council are slower to send in cleaning crews," he said. 

"Nash’s Boreen really needs to be looked after.

"It’s used so frequently by residents in the northside and further afield. 

"It’s an area of natural beauty which we need to preserve."

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