Cork-based scientist issues stark warning over malaria

Cork-based scientist issues stark warning over malaria
Scientist Gerry Killeen, second from right.

A scientist at University College Cork has warned that urgent action is needed to help to eradicate malaria.

While much of the world has been focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic in recent weeks, infectious diseases like malaria are continuing to impact on many millions of people.

In an article in the prestigious medical journal, the Lancet, Professor Gerry Killeen warned that millions of lives will be lost unless the global policy on malaria is urgently reformed.

While one of the most effective ways to prevent malaria is by placing insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) placed over sleeping spaces, there are concerns this may no longer be as effective as it once was for a number of reasons, including that some mosquitoes have become resistant to some insecticides.

Professor Killeens is calling for an acceleration of so-called “next-generation” insecticide-treated nets which are treated with at least two insecticides,  which he says 

could be more effective for tackling insecticide-resistant malaria mosquitoes.

Prof Killeen has received an AXA Research Chair award worth €1m to bring the fight against malaria one step closer to eradication while fostering improved management of wildlife areas in Africa.

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