Self isolating Cork man accused of putting his wife in fear of violence over TV channel choice

Self isolating Cork man accused of putting his wife in fear of violence over TV channel choice
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A 51-year-old man in self-isolation at his home due to the Coronavirus was accused of putting his wife in fear by shouting and roaring at her at the height of a disputed incident at their home.

Garda Senan Dormer who responded to a call to the house on Thursday, March 26, objected to bail being granted to the accused man.

The defendant’s ex-wife was in fear of him.

The charge against the 51-year-old stated that he breach a safety order by shouting and roaring at her, putting her in fear.

The defendant said he was in self-isolation at home, not because he had Coronavirus but because he has underlying serious health issues.

Garda Dormer said it was alleged that the defendant shouted at his ex-wife, followed her around the kitchen and put her fear that he was going to strike her with an object in his hand.

Shane Collins-Daly said the gardaí were looking to remand a man in custody in a case where he had no previous convictions and denied allegation that he shouted and roared at his wife.

Sergeant Gearóid Davis said the prosecution was looking for a remand in custody because the defendant would not agree to a remand on bail with conditions. Mr Collins-Daly said that was because the condition sought was for the man to leave his own home and he had no place else to go so he was not willing to agree to that.

The complainant said he was in fear her husband would beat her if he got bail. “He starts waving his camera at me telling me he is going to get evidence for court. I am scared of him. I am afraid that he will do me damage. He was bananas, berserk (during disputed incident),” she said.

Under cross-examination by Mr Collins-Daly, she denied making the allegation just to gain an advantage in a dispute over their house.

“I need to be free of this man, it is ongoing for the last two years. I need this to stop. I am here because I am abused constantly,” she said.

The defendant said his ex-wife returned to the house on Thursday at about 7 p.m., put on her pyjamas and sat in front of the television with a bottle of red wine.

“She sits on the two-seater religiously. I sit on the three-seater religiously. I was watching League of Their Own. She put on America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent. She didn’t ask me. She filled her glass of wine. I changed the channel. She got very aggressive. I went upstairs and got my camera.

“I told her, ‘now that your attitude changed I am after turning it on.’ She got abusive.” Judge Olann Kelleher asked the defendant, “Would you blame her?” The defendant said he had been advised to use the camera for his own protection.

Asked about putting his wife in fear he said, “I have never, ever, ever, put my hands on that woman.” Sgt. Davis referred to the long number of years the defendant and his ex-wife were married and said, “Something has obviously changed.” The defendant replied, “Her.” Judge Kelleher granted the 51-year-old bail and listed the case for hearing at Cork District Court on April 21.

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