Call for wardens to patrol Cork litter hotspots at weekends

Call for wardens to patrol Cork litter hotspots at weekends

COUNTY litter wardens could be asked to work weekends in order to combat the growing issue of excessive littering at beaches and beauty spots.

The issue was a cause for concern at County Hall as councillors relayed stories of overfull bins and abandoned rubbish at various sites over a busy weekend.

Green party councillor Liam Quaide said he was at Claycastle beach in Youghal yesterday and noticed several bins which were absolutely packed to the top and quite a significant amount of rubbish strewn around the bins as well.

Mr Quaide said he had seen similar scenes in the centre of Kinsale when visiting on a busy weekend and asked were there any plans to address the issue.

Fianna Fáil Councillor Seamus McGrath said it was a problem that was faced in his own area, with Myrtleville and Fountainstown, regularly wreaked by drink parties and littering.

“It is a significant issue, I’m not convinced more bins are the answer. As a council, we do need to be more proactive.” 

Mr McGrath asked the committee to sit down with An Garda Siochana to address the issue and also queried the working hours of litter wardens.

“Obviously the weekends are the busiest time and if there isn’t someone on the ground carrying out the enforcement needed I think that is something we need to rectify.” 

Director of Services Louis Duffy said litter wardens work regular hours at present and some weekends which are demand-led.

“It is not scheduled at present, but we will look into it.” Mr McGrath said it was something that needed urgent attention and said he hoped that the matter would be given some thought by the Environment Directorate.

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