Cork singer-songwriter launches debut single this week

It’s an exciting week for Cork singer-songwriter Meghan Ali who launches her debut single ‘Mystic Forest’ on March 5.  We chat to her in our 'Person to Person'.
Cork singer-songwriter launches debut single this week

Singer-songwriter Meghan Ali.

TELL us about yourself;

I’m a 27-year-old singer/songwriter about to launch my first single Mystic Forest, from the Judgement Day album, also being released later this year. It’s all happening in 2021!

Where were you born?

Cork — like!

Where do you live?

I still live in Cork, in a yellow house called ‘Yellow House’ — because we call a spade a spade.


Let’s start with the ‘Madhouse’ sign over the door just to give fair warning — it is actually a pretty mad place, but we love it. My parents raised musicians, MMA fighters, writers and artists. I think they are still figuring out where they went wrong (or right, depending on your viewpoint) but our home is alive and a really welcoming space thanks to them. Then there’s five kids including myself.

Arann, 29, is a professional MMA fighter and coach and owns his own gym, MMA Cork. He has an English degree and has co-written a lot of my songs and is a prolific writer.

Jack, 25, is also a professional MMA fighter. He’s the networker and knows everyone!

Callan, 24, has a degree in World Languages. He has a great voice and is featuring in my album release later this year.

Fiadh, 19, is the artist of the family and hopes to go to Art College this year. She is also an MMA fighter and gets top training from her brothers.

Suffice to say, it’s best to choose your battles wisely with my siblings.

Best friend?

I have a circle of best friends, from neighbours I’ve known all my life, school friends and friends I’ve made along the way. I love them all. I find myself extremely fortunate when it comes to my friends. I think when you are in good company, any problem can be solved.

Earliest childhood memory?

Hats! When I was younger, I loved hats so much, I could never pick a favourite, so I wore them all at once. I would strut my stuff up and down the hallway, just wearing a nappy, multiple hats and singing gibberish. I was quite the fashion icon. My singing has improved since then though.

Person you most admire?

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was an inspiration as a woman. New Zealand’s elimination strategy for coronavirus was such a success they even had music festivals. Irish musicians struggle big time!

Person who most irritates you?

I am playing my ‘Trump’ card for this one.

Where was your most memorable holiday?

I volunteered with the ‘Hope Foundation’ in transition year, seizing the opportunity to go to Kolkata. I visited various slum areas and was taken aback by how happy the kids were, even though they didn’t have much.

With my guitar on my back, the kids would follow and insist on a song. I have always loved music and on this trip, I got to immerse myself in it. I never knew when the next music session would unfold. That’s the beauty of a shared passion. It brings people together. It brings the races together. It brings religions together.

Favourite TV programme?

I just finished Bridgerton. What a show. Looking forward to the next season. However, Friends and New Girl are the good old reliables!! They are always good company.

Favourite radio show?

Well, my absolute regular radio programme by default is 96FM’s Oldies And Irish! It’s definitely a case of something growing on you! Our mother would always have it blasting every Sunday for four hours. We used to hate it as we could never have a peaceful sleep in. Now Oldies And Irish is also part of my Sunday morning whether I am home or away!

Favourite restaurant?

The Square Table in Blarney for a treat, and to Johhny’s Pub in The Castle Hotel, also in Blarney, for gourmet food in a traditional bar!

Best book you read?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. His words hit harder than any punch.

Last album/CD/download you bought?

Hibernate album by Woven Kin.

Favourite song?

Tennessee by Anna Mitchell. I wish I wrote this song. I think it should be in a movie like A Star Is Born. It’s beautifully written.

One person you would like to see in concert?

Adele... I am waiting impatiently for her new album.

Your proudest moment?

Hearing the mastered Judgement Day album for the first time ahead of its release later this year. I have a degree in Environmental Science and I’d spent the last four years working to save every penny I could and am proud that it is totally self-funded. Some of the songs were written when I was 12. Now, years later, it’s amazing to hear all the songs come to life, thanks mainly to a great crew of musicians and my incredible producer Billy Farrell, of Deadeye Productions.

Name one thing you would like improved in your area in which you live?

Littering and illegal dumping. In my area, Rathpeacon Community Association organise regular clean-ups due to littering and illegal dumping. We all get stuck in. They do incredible work and it really upsets me when I see the work undone. I think areas with high levels of littering and dumping should be able to put cameras in place, catch the culprits and fine them mightily! It’s the only way to solve the problem. Right now, we are treating the symptoms not the problem when it comes to litter louts.

What makes you happy?

The neach. I love sea swimming.

How would you like to be remembered?

Through my music — so follows would be great!

Spotify: Meghan Ali


TikTok: meghan_ali_music

FB: meghanalimusic and Instagram: meghan.ali

What else are you up to at the moment?

I’m releasing my single Mystic Forest, one of the songs from the aforementioned Judgement Day album on March 5.

I am also working with Arann to release a ‘fight’ song for MMA Cork. Every MMA fighter can choose their own ‘walk out’ song for the cage fights and we have penned one that’s an original so that’s great.

And of course, I’m working on the videos to match the songs in my album.

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