My Weekend: I dreamt of being an artist since childhood...

‘Ode to Light’, an exhibition of new work by Jackie Daly, runs at Great ARTitude, Main Street, Doneraile, County Cork for the month of February. We catch up with Jackie...
My Weekend: I dreamt of being an artist since childhood...

Jackie Daly has an exhibition running at Great ARTitude, Main Street, Doneraile.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Jackie Daly. I am a self-taught artist who has been painting for the last four years. I work as an administrator by day. During the free time, however, I paint. This is all I ever wanted to do. From childhood, I knew what I wanted to be. My soul knew and opened up to the joy of creating. At 18, I wanted to go to Art College. This wasn’t to be, however, and so I let go of my dream and life took over. All the while, however, I used to say that when I retire I will take it up again.

Three years ago, at Christmas time, my sixteen-year-old son gave me €50 and told me to go to an art shop to buy oil painting materials. This was my Christmas present from him and it was the best Christmas present I ever received. I haven’t looked back since.

I use many different mediums, such as oils, watercolour, and pastels. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. I strive to capture moments in my portraiture and I strive to create atmosphere in my land/seascapes. You could call me a light-chaser! I am fascinated by how the light descends, caresses and defines the subject it falls upon. The challenge is to recreate its effect in oils — a challenge I will never stop trying to capture on canvas.

For those interested, my website is and my Facebook Page is Jackie Daly – Oil Painter.

What is your ideal way to spend a Friday night?

Generally after a long week’s work, I like to get the shopping in first and then relax watching TV.

Lie ins or up with the lark.. which is it for you?

I would be normally up with the lark. Cannot seem to sleep in on Saturdays. Want to get the housework out of the way so that on Saturday afternoons I can paint.

My Weekend Jackie Daly has an exhibition running at Great ARTitude, Main Street, Doneraile.
My Weekend Jackie Daly has an exhibition running at Great ARTitude, Main Street, Doneraile.

Does work creep into your weekend at all?

Generally no. I am a regular 9am to 5pm worker. I do not consider painting work although once immersed, the time flies and I cannot seem to stop until I have accomplished something of worth.

If money was no object where would you head to on a weekend city break? And who would you bring with you?

I would love to go to Venice, Prague or Rome. I have never seen a Master’s Work up close. I love Raphael and Carravaggio and Adolphe Bouguereau. These cities are definitely on the bucket list. My son has promised he would take me to Rome but for the other cities, I would definitely bring my friends — Jess, Sarah, AnneMarie and Sandra — always up for a laugh and truly wonderful women.

Closer to home, is there some place you like to head to recharge the batteries?

I truly love the scenery of Ireland anyway. I love the moodiness of her seas, the serenity of her sunrises and sunsets and the beauty of her mountains and forests. If I were to choose particular places then, Clonakilty and Kinsale, or Glenbeigh in Co. Kerry.

Do you like to catch up with family/friends at the weekend?

I do love catch-ups and there is nothing like family and the humour and embrace of a good friend and thankfully, I am blessed with both.

Do you get to indulge any hobbies? Even as a spectator?

All the time, but I don’t consider what I do a hobby anymore. It has become a passion and truthfully, I have never been happier since I began this journey.

Entertain or be entertained? If it’s the latter do you have a signature dish?

Honestly, I was never gifted with culinary skills or for being a great hostess, but my friends thankfully are, so I would definitely choose to be entertained!

We have so many places to eat out in Cork — where are your go to spots for coffee/ lunch/ special meal?

If up in Cork shopping I like to visit the Nectar Coffee House in Parnell Place or LovingSalads on Academy Street.

Sunday night comes around too fast.. how do you normally spend it?

Similar to Friday night — long week ahead therefore generally it’s feet up beside a fire relaxing.

What time does your alarm clock go off on Monday morning?

6.00am Monday to Friday — generally ignored until around 6.30am and then it’s rise and hopefully shine.

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