Voxpro introduce green initiatives at Cork plant

Voxpro introduce green initiatives at Cork plant

The Humberdome located at mthe Voxpro campus at Mahon. The garden can be used by staff to grow vegetables as part of the many green initiatives by the company.

VOXPRO — powered by TELUS International, a provider of customer experiences, technical support and sales operation solutions, has been taking some green initiatives in Cork.

Some of the strides they are making include:

All of their Irish sites use 100% Green energy, coming from renewable sources.

As of November 2019, Voxpro - powered by TELUS International distributed 1,500 reusable cups to employees, with the help of the Conscious Cups Campaign. This replacing disposable cups with a reusable option helped cut down rubbish going out from 12 plus bags to 5 bags in our Cork office alone. The reusable cup initiative has saved 63,000 plus disposable cups since November 2019.

Their Cork site has also fully implemented compostable cutlery. The new compostable cutlery doesn’t contain oxo-degradables that turn into micro plastics and wash away into oceans.

As part of the Bee Patient project, they have planted over 30 different wildflower seeds in the car park verges in Cork to do our part to provide plants for bees.

Voxpro Gardens in Cork has 42 plots for employees to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Their resident hens, Yolko Ono and Princess Layer, were rescued from a commercial farm where they no longer could lay enough eggs. They now live happily on our Cork site where they are very loved by employees.

“Office-wide green initiatives are crucial in strengthening our company culture here at Voxpro. Making little swaps in our daily working lives raises morale and helps team members feel good about contributing to real, measurable change,” said Roger Clancy, vice-president of Operations Ireland at Voxpro – powered by TELUS Internatonal.

“Simply put, beyond the obvious environmental benefits, implementing green initiatives makes good business sense. Teammates are more likely to stick around when they feel engaged and supported when their personal interests and passions are made a priority in their workplace.”

“For us, the key was starting small. The shift can feel like an adjustment at first, but it’s surprising how quickly everyone gets involved. Don’t discredit that small changes, like issuing reusable cups to team members, can make a huge impact. Up next, implementing a green team will ensure that voices in every department can be heard loud and clear,” said Chloe Dempsey, Facilities Administrator, who lead the charge with multiple green initiatives taking place in the Cork office, including the implementation of reusable KeepCups.

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