Covid came along and scuppered all my festive plans

Julie Helen tested positive for Covid in the run up to Christmas, scuppering her plans
Covid came along and scuppered all my festive plans

Julie Helen got Covid for the second time this year, changing her Christmas plans.

HELLO again ,Covid! I was hoping I wouldn’t dance with you again in 2022, but alas, here we are!

This time you brought just as much threat to my family as you did when I first succumbed to you in January of this year!

Actually, on reflection, the stakes are much higher because my brother had a kidney transplant in October. His anti-rejection medication means he is totally immunosuppressed. It meant my husband, my son and I needed to get out of town fast at the first sign of trouble. So, we are in Clonakilty with David’s parents who have recently had the coronavirus.

I am so grateful to them for having us. It was heart-breaking leaving home knowing I wouldn’t be back until after Christmas. Keeping my brother safe was paramount and I would do anything for him.

I did long for our own home on the road to Clonakilty. Then we could just close the door and cocoon, keeping everyone safe in the process.

The good news is that in 2022 we managed to navigate the mortgage process and the money now sits in our account. It nearly killed us, and I know we weren’t alone in that, many families are battling the way we have and many have harder roads than we have. I can’t tell you the relief when I saw diggers clearing the site where we will live. It was immense!

We have a lot of work to do until I’m inviting my parents for meals and parties to thank them for having us live with them since 2019. They made our forever home possible by giving us refuge while we figured it all out.

Planning our home is very exciting, the vision of it has been taking shape in my mind for years. Most building regulations make a house accessible enough to visit for someone in a wheelchair. One entrance must have a ramp, the doors must be wide enough, and there must be a wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor.

Our home will be super accessible in comparison. We will have all our entrances accessible, all our doors manageable, counter tops at different levels and turning circles that give me enough space to spin my wheelchair to beat the band!

I can’t tell you how nervous I am about making sure it’s right, but it is a great position to be in at the same time.

Independence is important to David and me, that we can manage a home together and live in a way that suits our needs. Every decision we make we think about how it will work on an everyday basis, and that makes building a real adventure. We have a long road. 2023 is going to be hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Right now I’m in pretty severe pain, focusing is hard, and I had to finish work early to give myself a chance to recover.

The last few months have been a real lesson in never knowing what is just around the corner. Health is important and illness is scary. I’m worried about long Covid and recovering. But of course I’m going to feel worse in the middle of having the virus.

I just have to lie down and get better and let my body fight as hard as it can. I’m sure there are many more of you in the same boat. I feel sorry for you all, but let’s hope our misery is temporary and we’ll come out the other side ready for all the adventures that come our way!

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