We don’t sweat — we sparkle!

They’ve danced their way around the world, now they are headed for Cork. EMMA CONNOLLY caught up with acrobatic duo, The Silver Starlets
We don’t sweat — we sparkle!
The visually spectacular Canadian aerial acrobats ‘The Silver Starlets’ will feature at the  ‘Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular  in Cork's Fitzgerald Park on July 20 & 21st . Entry is entirely free. Pic: Marc O'Sullivan www.cityspectacular.com

ALWAYS being ready for the unexpected and ‘in a place of poise’ is what will keep aerial performers The Silver Starlets safe when they’re swirling and swooping 20 feet over Fitzgerald Park next month.

The all-female aerial acrobatic duo — who say they don’t sweat, they sparkle — have danced their way around the globe and are ready for their Cork debut at the Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular on July 20 and 21.

The Starlets are Molly Keczan and Glory Dearling who say they were ‘born to entertain’ and who promise captivating, interactive and family-friendly Leeside shows.

But don’t be fooled by their tutus, they say, as Molly, aged 34, and Glory, aged 27, will show incredible strength as they perform from a 20 foot, 300 lb portable free-standing trapeze rig — without a net. The rig flies around the world with them in snowboarding bags and takes them seven minutes to put up and five minutes to take down.

Their credentials are impressive: Molly, from Ontario, represented Canada as a competitive rhythmic gymnast, has a degree in Performance Dance, and is part of the world famous Cirque Du Soleil talent pool. She has been a professional circus performer for over 10 years.

Her boyfriend is also a circus performer and they perform a show together and have a circus company.

Glory, from Manhattan, grew up figure skating and competing as an acrobatic dancer and among many things is one of the most sought after circus instructors in Toronto.

The girls met through the circus community in Toronto and Molly says their show “is a nod to the spectacle of traditional circus which is full of sparkling sequins, elegant tricks, and superhuman strength”.

“Our costumes and the aesthetic of the show are based on traditional circus styles while our comedy and interactive nature help create a circus show that is accessible for people of all ages,” she says.

The obvious question to ask them though is: Aren’t they even a little bit afraid?

Molly says: “We train like athletes. When not on tour we work on our strength, technique, flexibility, and durability in the gym. This includes mental training. Like many top athletes, we take an holistic approach to our lifestyle in order to prepare for the stamina required of us on show days. We work hard to make show days easy, fun and enjoyable.”

The Starlets have performed in all conditions — hail, snow and 45 degree heat, and over all surfaces, and Molly says it’s about being ready for the unexpected: “We don’t know if a child will run out underneath us, if there’ll be a medical emergency in the front row, or a blast of music — but we always have to be ready and in a place of poise and calm.”

And they’ve never fallen during a show.

“We train all our new tricks with mats and practice them at a lower height before taking them up into the air.

“Glory has a great saying, ‘princesses bleed too’ and we are aware of the risks we take with our job,” Molly added.

Touring 200 days of the year, it helps that the two are good friends.

“Sometimes we act like sisters. We borrow each other’s clothes and get manicures together, but we are also often in close quarters for days on end (a car, a plane or a hotel room). We respect each other when on tour and realise that sometimes we do need our own space.

“We go through a lot together, both physically and emotionally. The great thing about having a partner is that we can help motivate each other, we completely understand what the other is going through because chances are that we’ve been there too.

“Just like sisters, we can be honest with each other and that’s a truly special connection. The circus is a family,” says Molly.

As well as being performers, they say they’re also entrepreneurs.

“We make a good living doing what we do and we work for ourselves. That fact that we travel around the world and make people laugh for a living while being creative and building a business has really made our parents proud.”

The Starlets say they’re especially excited about their visit to Cork to be part of the City Spectacular, which will feature international street and circus performances, a feelgood family health and wellbeing area, world food market, live music, a vintage funfair and more — see cityspectacular.com for the full line-up.

Entry is free to the festival and no tickets are required.

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