Morgan Deane: Where is she now?

From dizzying heights in the music industry with No.1 hits, to going through a difficult divorce in the spotlight, to retraining as a paralegal and finding lovel again... EMMA CONNOLLY catches up with Cork woman Morgan Deane
Morgan Deane: Where is she now?
Morgan Deane from Turners Cross.

CORK woman Morgan Deane, who was once a chart-topping singer, is now ready to embark on a new legal career, motivated by her public divorce which she said has only made her stronger.

Morgan, who grew up in Turners Cross where she still visits regularly, was a member of the successful band Industry (along with now celebrity chef Donal Skehan) which formed in 2009.

When the band wrapped up, she decided to leave Ireland and within a few days had moved lock, stock to South Africa.

“That was the most defining moment of my life to date and I didn’t even realise the significance of it at the time,” said Morgan.

Morgan Deane.
Morgan Deane.

She went on to marry South African cricket player Graeme Smith back in 2011 and they’re parents to Cadence, now seven, and Carter, six. The couple split in 2015, with the divorce making headlines in his native country.

Morgan says she genuinely doesn’t remember most of that time in her life, and she’s now far too busy looking forward to even try.

“Let’s just say I’ve learned many valuable lessons about life and about people. Nothing could surprise me anymore. I’ve seen it all. I’m so grateful for everything God has thrust upon me, trials included, because that’s where I grew, that’s where I learned the power of my own strength.

“I’ve always had the ability to understand that life is what you make of it regardless of the stumbling blocks. Gratitude is key. I have two beautiful children and I’m so grateful to their father for his input in that, but I was young back then and I never should have gone off with a foreigner as I did, but as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Morgan Deane says music will always be a part of her life. But she has retrained as a paralegal.
Morgan Deane says music will always be a part of her life. But she has retrained as a paralegal.

“Yes, it was tough at the time, very tough, but it was just like a bad break- up really. We all have them. Mine was just in the spotlight.

“All I know is that God had different and better plans for me back then and so he chose to get me out of that situation by hook or by crook. I’m very grateful for that.”

She’s been living between South Africa and Ireland for the last few years, and recently qualified as a paralegal, which she says was a personal goal of hers.

“In my past, I found myself dealing with all aspects of family law and I became very curious as to how it all worked. As I had a vested interest at the time, I decided to put my head down and gain as much an understanding of it as I could.

“Lockdown has awoken in me an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I’m currently studying again, mediation this time. I find it fascinating how we can let our emotions rule our decision-making and how an inability to compartmentalise can be to our detriment in times of crises. It can be difficult to separate emotions from logic or someone’s best interest from personal gain due to ego or spite.

“Affording parties another perspective can help a huge amount in high conflict situations. It really is a line of work I can see myself getting into.”

Morgan Deane with her fellow band mates from Industry, which was successful in its day.
Morgan Deane with her fellow band mates from Industry, which was successful in its day.

Music is still a huge part of Morgan’s life and she’s confident she’ll record again.

“My passion for music has unconsciously conducted and influenced all of my decision making, with regards to my network and my geographical movements, my entire life. It has guided me to making some of the best and not so best decisions of my life. I always sing and I always write. I don’t record so often these days but I will again, I have no doubt.

“I released a few songs in South Africa and that was fun, but again it had a season which expired and my interest spread to other things and my responsibilities of being ‘mom’ had my interest constantly shifting,” she says.

Morgan was in Industry, with celebrity chef Donal Skehan, back in 2009.
Morgan was in Industry, with celebrity chef Donal Skehan, back in 2009.

Cadence and Carter are being raised in Sough Africa, but Morgan says they’re Irish through and through.

“Especially my daughter Cadence. She has my mother’s personality. Living between two cultures has its upsides and also its downsides but we make it work and we consider ourselves very lucky to have reason to explore both continents. I imagine when they turn 18 they will want to study in Europe so they must soak in South Africa now while they can.”

As well as having family in Cork, Ireland has major attraction for her — her new fiance, Glen Power of The Script. She met the Dubliner when he performed with the world-famous band in Cape Town.

She is reluctant to talk about the relationship, but under a picture of the pair on her Instagram account she wrote: ‘My Angel’ and under another ‘… quite simply wonderful.’

She says she has an amazing network of friends in Cape Town, including Donegal celebrity chef Conrad Gallagher and his wife Candice, but South Africa will never be home.

“I view Ireland as my home, and I love Cork so much. As soon as my children turn 18 I imagine I will not return there anymore. What happens until that point I cannot be sure.

“As I spend more and more time in Ireland, I realise I was wrong to believe that anywhere else but Ireland could be my home but I have no regrets, it just boils down to the simple fact that I’m Irish and I feel happier when I’m back on Irish soil and close to my family. It’s where my heart sings.”

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