Civil War peace talks in Cork, and TD’s son, 7, dies in arson at family home

What was in the news 100 years ago today? Richard Forrest reports in Echoes of Our Past
Civil War peace talks in Cork, and TD’s son, 7, dies in arson at family home

A MEETING of Cork citizens was held yesterday at which the Harbour Board’s peace resolution was adopted.

Frank Daly, answering some criticism from Sean Nolan, said the proposal was a preliminary one to bring about a truce so both sides could come together. It was not meant for one moment that the Republicans would not be represented. “We are”, he said, “simply trying to get peace. We are not laying down any definite lines.”

Speeches were heard from UCC Professors Rahilly and Stockley, George Nason (Cork Workers’ Council, Sir John Scott and Barry Egan and Mr O’Cuill (Cork Corporation).

However, Kevin O’Higgins, in reference to a New Ross peace resolution, said that peace and prosperity cannot be won by surrender to the insolent challenge to democracy that Mr de Valera and his associates have thrown down. The Government will accept no peace by compromise.

Three Tragedies

Emmet McGarry, 7, has died from severe burns received when the Dublin residence of his father, Sean McGarry, TD, was set on fire by Irregulars.

National Troops arrived in Passage from Cork last night and fired on some men who did not halt when ordered to do so. One civilian named James Roche was hit and died later.

A shocking tragedy was enacted at Dunmanway yesterday. A man committed suicide after having attacked his brother with a hatchet.

NY Supreme Court Order

Justice Mullan of the Supreme Court in New York has ordered the Irish Free State to show cause why the place of detention of Stephen O’Mara, Mayor of Limerick, should not be revealed to the attorneys of Mr de Valera.

The attorneys are seeking the appointment of a commission to take Mr O’Mara’s testimony in a suit involving $2½ million worth of Irish Republican bonds.

Notice in the Echo on Dec 16, 1922
Notice in the Echo on Dec 16, 1922

Postman Pat Held Up

Yesterday evening, postman Patrick Kennefick was delivering letters in St Patrick’s Square, Cobh, when he was held up by three armed men, who took the contents of his mail bag and his flash lamp. They then marched him to a secluded spot where they threatened him with consequences if he divulged facts connected with the robbery.

The Last Cork Chirrups

Sir - So, some are predicting that Cork will soon be an Irish- speaking city and any of its remaining English-speaking citizens will be relegated to the position of ‘foreigner’. If true, we could well be headed for the swan song of our distinctive guttural Corkonian English. Soon to be submerged through neglect and the rise of Irish.

If so, Mr O’Cuill and our other public representatives ought not let it pass unrecorded. He and his Irish-speaking “class” should see to it that the last Cork-English chirrups are recorded and ensconsed under glass in the museum at Fitzgerald’s Park. It is then the gates of progress will finally be padlocked by an artificial language barrier. Future generations will be taken there by their sight-seeing parents to view the relics of ould decency, “the language my father spoke” in the good old days. Back in the time when that most Anglo of our institutions, Cork Corporation, was not yet such an object of deep reverence for Irish-speaking Corkonians.

Yours truly, etc, Hewson Cowen.

The Goat of Gilabbey Rock

The kidnapping campaign against dogs which I noted last week has reached a further stage.

A harmless, law-abiding goat has disappeared from Gilabbey Rock and left no note of explanation. People are saying that it became lonely and dejected since sharp canine glances faded out of its life. Something along the lines of ‘the hostility of the hawk makes the lesser birds more lively’.

Others aver that it made a pilgrimage to the Lough and is being held hostage by the warlike ass-herd which guards that celebrated dried up fountain until the Corporation give back the waters.

The indignant owner, however, asserts that ‘Jinny’ has been kidnapped. The underlying suggestion is that, with the arrival of the new Civic Guard, a plot is afoot to produce a new version of an old and popular (except in police barracks) street ballad.

There is also, needless to remark, much grief and indignation among householders with front gardens in the locality at the departure of an old habitué.

Sarsfields vs. Shamrocks

The Sarsfields and Shamrocks match which was to have been played last Sunday in the opening round of the Poor Children’s Excursion Tournament is refixed for tomorrow at 2.30pm at the Athletic Grounds.

The trophy is a valuable cup, the gift of Egan & Son, Patrick Street, supplemented by a set of gold medals presented by the organising committee.

Redmonds II and Castletreasure line out at 1.30pm in the Intermediate Championship.

A Hangman Hung

A telegram from Moscow received in Paris says that hangman Joukoff, said to have executed 2,000 persons, has committed suicide by hanging.

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