How you can take power back in your life

No matter what is going on in our lives — even a pandemic — we can take command and assert power and control over it, says Cathal O’Reilly, mental health author and campaigner
How you can take power back in your life

"All over the world, that the pandemic has had far-reaching effects and consequences on our daily lives," says Cathal O'Reilly.

THE ongoing Covid-19 pandemic changes the January ‘New Year, New Me’ perspective to a degree.

However, we still hold the power within to make the changes we want to make in our lives.

January is often a time of change, opportunity and growth, but why is it that the new habits that serve us so well in the first few weeks often start falling by the wayside towards the end of the month? Why is it that 85% of people give up on their new habits by the time February rolls around?

It can often be due to the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and the world at large.

I do believe change is possible and I do believe we have the capacity to change old behavioural and thought patterns as well as old belief systems.

Firstly, we must acknowledge that we all have limiting belief systems. We may have been conditioned to believe certain things — by our upbringings, our schools and society at large — however, we do have the capacity to have an acknowledgement, instantly, around which belief systems are holding us back and have been holding us back for some time.

All change first begins with acknowledgement and awareness.

I don’t care who you are. Whether you are a billionaire in a mansion or making ends meet — everyone has limiting beliefs about themselves and the world. However, it is what you do with those limiting beliefs that counts.

Where we concentrate our focus in our life, it is where we will see results. “Where energy goes, energy flows”. And that is not ‘wishy washy’ talk.

If you are, all of the time, looking at how difficult things are in your life, you will ultimately focus on the difficulties in your life.

I am not taking away from everyday difficulties. Believe me, I know everyday difficulties too well and I am not one of these ‘positive thinkers’.

But I do know that where you focus your attention and energy, that is how you will also feel.

It is the real science behind achievement and attaining your goals — that where you focus your energy, you will see the results in your life also.

From the action you take and the focus you make, your life will speak to you in real terms. Real results from the effort you have put in. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel here.

It has been extensively studied for centuries that where we place our energy and focus in life, we will see the rewards or repercussions from that energy. Let’s call it ‘action’ because the word ‘energy’ can often get confused these days with ‘vibrational energy’, ‘manifesting’ and the ‘Law of Attraction’.

As much as these concepts are wonderful and optimistic — they may also bring you what you need at that time — I would argue that dreams and wishes are great to a point. However, often, we are left disappointed when they don’t come through. What action did we actually take towards the fulfilling of these goals?

Often, you will find that your dreams are not coming through because you have not put an action plan in place.

So yes, while concepts like ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Law Of Attraction’, may serve us to a point, in terms of creating an awareness of what you want from life, you must also put the consistent work into these dreams for them to come through.

If there is any ‘law’ in life philosophy that I would advocate it is — what you put into something, you get back, based on the level of work you put into it. At least we must believe that for the most part.

Of course, ‘life’ can happen sometimes which is absolutely outside our control. The Covid-19 pandemic is a very real example of how things can happen outside our control. It has created a new norm that has forced us to adapt, but it has also made us more resilient and more appreciative for the things we have lost.

The ability to travel, work and even meet our friends has been taken from us because of the virus and the necessary guidelines that must follow as a result. Many of us have even tragically lost our loved ones to this virus. It really is very real and beyond our control.

It is felt, all over the world, that the pandemic has had far-reaching effects and consequences on our daily lives. Let’s acknowledge that we are living in unprecedented times where change may not be as easy to accomplish.

Let’s not be hard on ourselves and celebrate how far we have all come.

However, no matter what happens in your life, you can control what is going on inside of you.

You can take control of your thoughts, and than change your actions and take power back in your life.

That is true, with or without the consequences we see with the pandemic.


Cathal O’Reilly is a self improvement author, advocate and coach from Tipperary. He currently writes columns for The Journal, The Echo and The Nationalist.

He is certified in Counselling and Psychotherapy and holds a Bachelor Of Commerce from University College Cork. He also holds the National Qualification in Exercise, Health and Fitness. Contact Cathal on 087 1724261 to book a consultation. Instagram - @cathaloreillyguidance

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