Colette Sheridan: Men who want nothing to do with women are sadly delusional...

A new book out this week, 'Men Who Hate Women', shines a light on a growing number of men who believe women are so toxic, they avoid them
Colette Sheridan: Men who want nothing to do with women are sadly delusional...

U.S Vice President Mike Pence’s stance on women has led to the ‘Pence Principle’, where women are seen as a threat to men

FOR tens of thousands of men around the world, lurking on ‘men only’ forums on the internet, women are the enemy, to be avoided both in bed and in the boardroom.

We are seen as so toxic that members of MGTOW (men going their own way) do not want sex, relationships or marriage with us.

Ultimately, the most exalted position for a man going his own way is to quit his job and move off-grid so he won’t even have to see women.

Whatever happened to male ambition? Have we really driven men so mad that they aspire to living in some rural dig-out sans electricity and all the other accoutrements of 21st century life?

According to British feminist author Laura Bates, whose book, Men Who Hate Women, it out this week, this avoidance of women started with rumours.

Women reported that men in their offices “had suddenly started declining meetings with them or were insisting on leaving the door open. A human resources consultant reported executives telling her that they would no longer get into an elevator alone with a woman. Suddenly, it began to snowball — story after story of men abruptly cancelling business lunches or avoiding women they had previously mentored”.

Bates cites a 2019 study which found that 27% of American men now avoid one-on-one meetings with female colleagues. They must be utterly paranoid misogynists who think women operate with some sort of strange and dark agenda.

I don’t know any such men, thankfully. The ones in my life have sisters with whom they socialise, wives, girlfriends, colleagues and guys who have platonic friendships with us.

Admittedly, one male friend once described ‘women’s studies’ as “the subject that dares not speak its name”, which I don’t altogether understand. Is there something shameful about a university degree whose focus is on women throughout history, oppressed but refusing to lie down?

The sad blokes from the MGTOW movement try to convince themselves that it is men who are the real victims of gender bias and of the #MeToo movement. Men, they argue, are the subject of false allegations made by vindictive women.

Given the level of scrutiny that women calling out sexual harassment or rape are put under, making false allegations is a dicey business. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but in general, women who cry rape do not do so easily.

Shunning women has even reached the White House. We all know what Donald Trump thinks women are good for — being grabbed and sexually harassed. But his vice-president, Mike Pence, has said that he would never eat a meal alone with a woman who is not his wife.

This stance has resulted in what is known as the Pence Rule. And a book was published to spread this creed. Entitled The Pence Principle by Randall Bentwick, the sales pitch reads: “Every man in America could stand to learn a lesson or two from our vice-president. Be smart... Defend yourself, your career, your family and your life from the false accusations of women today and into the future.”

Just how many men think like this? It’s impossible to say, but has almost 33,000 members and nearly three quarters of a million followers. It’s part of the sinister manosphere that lists 25 video channels. The videos have been viewed 130 million times. That’s a lot of angry or just alienated men.

Some MGTOW have platonic relationships with women. Others have one-night stands with them or visit sex workers. Many, however, abstain from sex which is referred to as ‘going monk’. That is the logical outcome for men who want to eschew relations with women.

We’ve heard of ‘incels’ (involuntary celibates) who want violent revenge on women. I’d rather encounter a man going his own way than some horror story of a bloke who thinks sex is his right, regardless.

Women are mostly portrayed by the separatist movement as parasites riding on the coat-tails of men, who have, throughout history, been responsible for “far greater miracles of science, discovery and human endeavour.”

Bates writes that by “shaking women off, men will be free to pursue ever higher achievements”.

What the clearly stale white males forget is that women generally couldn’t excel at science or other esoteric fields because they were excluded from further education and treated either as chattels or pretty adornments.

Now, the manosphere tries to claim that the world is stacked against men. What rubbish. It’s still stacked against women in many ways. But MGTOW are too self-obsessed to see this.

Bates mentions one MGTOW manifesto which, as well as fighting to “instil masculinity in men”, says men in this movement must “work toward limited government”.

Ultimately, to practise ‘social rejection’, a man “may simply head into the wilderness and go off-grid.”

Right lads, off with ye!

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