The Cork soccer quiz: Echo expert Plunket Carter tests your knowledge 

The Cork soccer quiz: Echo expert Plunket Carter tests your knowledge 
Republic of Ireland's Dominic Foley, a native of Charleville, in action against Finland in 2000 at Lansdowne Road. Picture: Brendan Moran/SPORTSFILE

1 - Which League of Ireland club did Cork City manager, Neil Fenn, first play for?

2 - Name the former Cork City goalkeeper who is currently president of the FAI.

3 - Name the player who won the goal of the season in England in 1980 (scored at White Hart Lane) and who played with City just five years later.

4 - A former Cork City full-time coach has the same name as an English racecourse. Who is he?

5 - Sean McLoughlin is currently a member of which club?

6– Who captained Cork Celtic when they won the League in 1974?

7 - Can you name the Scot who, famously and heartbreakingly, scored to deny Cork City the League title at Turner’s Cross in 1991?

8 – Who replaced Phil Harrington, when he was forced to miss Cork City’s ECWC first-leg match against Torpedo, in Moscow, in 1990?

9 - Name the player who, after leaving Cork City, played over 40 matches with an English Premiership club? He was substituted at half-time by City at Turner’s Cross and played Premiership soccer six days later.

10- Who scored Cork City’s first goal in their new Bishopstown Stadium in 1992?

11 - Which former Cork City manager played in the first major FA competition final to be decided on a Sunday and played in Wembley?

12 – Who had the honour of scoring City’s first-ever goal?

14 - In 1996, Cork City suffered a very embarrassing defeat to lower grade opposition! What defeat are we referring to?

15 – Who wrote the book I Only Wanted to Play Football?

16 - Who did Cork City play in their competitive debut?

17 – Name the former City star who went on to become assistant manager with Dunfermline.

18 – What was the first trophy Roy Keane won in English football?

19- When Charlie Hurley played for Ireland against England in the 1957 World Cup, which club did he represent?

20- When Cork City drew with Bayern Munich in the Euro Cup Winners’ Cup in 1992, where was the match played?

21 – Counting Evergreen/Cork Celtic and Alberts/Cork Utd each as the same club, how many League of Ireland clubs were there in Cork?

22- Who was the most capped player to play for Cork City?

23 – Put names to this Cork XI: Biscuit, Blondie, Slap, Tucker, Brasso, Fada, Chungum, Chumsy, Four Goal, Bootsie, Ducksy. Not too many strikers would like to face that half-back line of Tucker, Brasso, and Fada.

24 – What year were Cork Celtic expelled?

25 - Which player had the most appearances with Cork Hibs: is it (a) Donie Wallace, (b) Noel O’Mahony, or (C) Jerry Lane?

26 – Name the only Cork AUL team to win the FAI Junior Cup.

27 – Who was the first Cork-born soccer player to line out in a European final?

28 – Name two Arsenal first-team players to play with Cork clubs.

29 – Why is the agricultural tractor significant in Cork soccer history?

30 – During the big freeze in England in 1963, four English teams flew to Cork to play in two challenge matches against each other. Can you name them?

31 – From what competition did Cork Hibs qualify for their first European Competition?

32– Name the former Cork Hibs and Cork Celtic star who managed Avondale when they won the FAI intermediate Cup in 1978.

33 – Name the first Cork Hibs player to be capped by the Republic of Ireland.

34 – Two men managed both Cork Hibs and Cork Celtic. Can you name them?

35 – Who was the youngest manager of a Cork LOI club.

36 - Joe Gamble made his full international start for Ireland against which country, in 2007?

37 - How many League clubs did former Celtic goalie Kevin Blount play for?

Four very good netminders pictured together at a Cork Celtic reunion in The Turner’s Cross Tavern over a decade ago. From left Kevin Blount, Derry Buckley, Billy Morgan and Bobby Brohan.
Four very good netminders pictured together at a Cork Celtic reunion in The Turner’s Cross Tavern over a decade ago. From left Kevin Blount, Derry Buckley, Billy Morgan and Bobby Brohan.

38 - Who was the first Cork Schoolboys’ League member to play first-team cross-channel football? He was not Cork-born and the club he played with won the Premiership 50 years later.

39 - Can you name the Cork-born, six-times-capped Irish international who transferred from St James’ Gate to Wolves in 1995?

40 - Who was Cork City’s first full-time player-manager?

41 - Name the former Cork City player who was interim general manager of the FAI in 2019.

42- Which famous soccer personality sent this message, printed on the front page of the Evening Echo in 1990, to his fans, “ Tell them in Cork, I’m still alive, it’s true … the King is alive.”

43 – Prior to Tony Fitzgerald, who was the last Cork man to serve as president of the FAI?

44 – Name the former Cork City player who was head coach with Everton in 2002.

45 – Which former Cork soccer star and League winner captained the Irish Amateur Golf team in the European Championships in 2019?

46 – There were two All-Cork FAI Intermediate Cup finals. Can you name the finalists?

47 –Name the two Cork players in the top ten of the leading scorers’ list, behind Brendan Bradley.

48 – Which Cork-born star produced the autobiography, United We Stand?

49 - Name the former Cork City player who, as a manager, led his club to three consecutive Wembley Stadium league play-offs and to a giant-killing role in the 2020 FA Cup.

50 - Name the odd one out: George Best, Raich Carter, Martin O’Neill, Rodney Marsh, Trevor Brooking.


Can you name these young Cork sports stars? Answers below.
Can you name these young Cork sports stars? Answers below.


  • 1 – Waterford
  • 2 - Jerry McAnaney
  • 3 - Terry McDermott
  • 4 – Bill Haydock
  • 5 – Hull City
  • 6 – Keith Edwards
  • 7 - Tom McNulty

    Picture: INPHO/Tom Honan
    Picture: INPHO/Tom Honan
  • 8 – John Donegan
  • 9 – Mark Summerbell
  • 10 - Pat Morley in the 2-1 defeat by Chelsea
  • 11 - Derek Mountfield Milk Cup final 1984 Everton v Liverpool.
  • 12 – Jim Leahy
  • 13 – Once – Cork City
  • 14 – (A) Defeat by Waterford Crystal juniors in the Munster Senior Cup final
  • 15 - Eamon O’Keeffe
  • 16– Avondale
  • 17- Gerry McCabe
  • 18– Full Members Cup 1992 – Forest defeated Southampton 3-2 (aet) in Wembley
  • 19 - Millwall
  • 20 – Musgrave Park
  • 21 - (11) – Fordsons, Cork FC, Cork Bohs, Cork City (1939), Cork Utd, Cork Ath, Cork Celtic, Cork Hibs, Alberts/Cork Utd, Cobh Ramblers, Cork City.
  • 22 – Trevor Brooking (below)

  • 23 – Phil Harrington, John Carroll, Mick O’Keeffe, Tony Allen, Con McCarthy, Martin Sheehan, Charlie O’Mahony, Charlie Cronin, John McCole, John Lynch, Donie O’Leary.
  • 24 – 1979
  • 25 – (B) – Noel O’Mahony
  • 26 – St Michael’s (Tipperary)
  • 27 – Noel Cantwell, Euro Fairs Cup, Captained London defeat by Barcelona at the Bernabeu (Attendance 110,000) in 1958
  • 28 – Billy McCullough, Cork Celtic (1969) and Dave Bacuzzi (Hibs)
  • 29 – The Tractors is what Cork's first League of Ireland club were popularly known
  • 30 – Man Utd, Bolton, Wolves and Coventry
  • 31 – League of Ireland Shield
  • 32 – Tony Allen
  • 33 – Miah Dennehy
  • 34 – Amby Fogarty and Tommy Moroney
  • 35 – Carl Davenport age 23
  • 36 – Bolivia
  • 37 - 6– Shelbourne, Transport, Cork Celtic, Dundalk, Cork Hibs and St Pat’s
  • 38- Donal O’Leary (Glasheen to Blackburn)
  • 39 – Dominic Foley
  • 40 - Eamon O’Keeffe 1987-88.
  • 41 – Noel Mooney
  • 42 – Paul O’Donovan, his death was inadvertently announced in 1990 on an Echo front-page headline.
  • 43 – Pat O’Brien
  • 44 – Jimmy Lumsden

    Rising to head the ball behind the goalkeeper is Jimmy Lumsden.
    Rising to head the ball behind the goalkeeper is Jimmy Lumsden.
  • 45 – John 'Blondie' Carroll
  • 46 – Cobh v Tramore 1980 and Crofton v Everton 1986
  • 47 – Pat Morley and big Seanie McCarthy (Cork Utd)
  • 48 – Noel Cantwell
  • 49 – Micky Mellon
  • 50 – Martin O’Neill. The others played League of Ireland with Cork clubs

  • Picture Quiz:
  • Top: Anthony Buckley, Bobby O’Donovan, Colin Healy.
  • Middle: Colin O’Brien, Ger Cunningham (Tramore), Dinny Allen.
  • Lower: Charlie Hurley, Gareth Cronin, Teddy McCarthy (Shandon View).
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