Concern about dogs roaming without leashes at Cork amenity

Concern about dogs roaming without leashes at Cork amenity

A sign for walking a dog on a lead.

A number of Ballincollig residents are up in arms with dogs roaming free in the Ballincollig Regional Park.

Tracey Saunders, a mother of five who lives locally, said that her son Jacob, 15, who has a service dog, Molly, cannot go to the park for a walk as Molly is nervous about the dogs running around off the leash.

Molly, who is four and a half, has been with the family since she was a pup and has been attacked by dogs in other instances, making her nervous and anxious around dogs running loose.

Speaking to The Echo, Tracey said she and her family should be able to use the park the same as everyone else but they are not able to.

Tracey said she knew of other instances where dogs running wild caused issues, and she had a friend with a bad injury that was afraid to visit the park in case she would be bothered by a dog.

“A lot of people don’t go to the park because of the dogs that are loose there,” Tracey said.

The park has signs telling people to keep their dog on a leash, but Ms Saunders said that they are often ignored.

Tracey said she would like to see more dog wardens visiting the park, handing out fines to those disobeying the rules.

“Fewer warnings and more fines,” Tracey said. “If you hit them in the pocket, maybe people will learn. It makes me upset that I can’t go to the park without fear of being attacked or knocked over.” 

Local Fianna Fáil Councillor Colm Kelleher said the Ballincollig Regional Park was a beautiful amenity that everyone had the right to use, but consideration and respect for other visitors to the park was a must.

“I had dogs run up to me, I’ve seen dogs run up to children, it is not right.” 

Mr Kelleher said perhaps it was time for the council to look at potentially creating a dog park specifically for dogs to be let off the leash.

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