Ciara Twomey is home in Cork but Rickie waits in Majorcan hospital

Ciara Twomey is home in Cork but Rickie waits in Majorcan hospital

Ciara Twomey. from Bantry.

MORE than €80,000 has now been raised for the nursing student from Bantry who was injured while on holidays in Thailand.

Ciara Twomey, aged 20, lost the sight in her left eye when she hit a bump on a quad bike while wearing her glasses inside a helmet.

The glasses shattered and went into her left eye in the incident.

According to Ciara’s family and friends, Ciara is now home safe and being looked after in a Cork hospital.

Family friend Emer O’Mahony said the family are delighted to have her home.

“Now that we have her home, everything becomes a lot easier, there is no language barrier and we are close enough that all family and friends can get involved.

“It is still a very long road, we are still not sure what is going to happen with her eye.

“We probably won’t really know for a while now.” On her GoFundMe page, a statement was uploaded Monday morning thanking all the people involved as well as the general public for donating to the worthy cause.

“To everyone at home in Bantry, Dunmanway, West Cork and indeed nationally and internationally, a massive thank you. I know that there are many local fundraising events ongoing, some we are not probably even fully aware of, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” Meanwhile, it is hoped 27-year-old Rickie Healy will be coming home to Cork this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Rickie, who is from Ballyclough in North Cork, has been in hospital in Majorca since diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool while on holidays in Ibiza.

It was thought Rickie would be able to travel home over the weekend, but unfortunately, this was not possible.

As a result, Rickie’s brother Tadhg, and his sister Cait have flown over to join his parents and Aunt who are already by his side.

Rickie suffered spinal and neck injuries after jumping into the pool. He underwent surgery in Majorca and he and his family are currently waiting for the swelling to go down to know the extent of the damage.

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