Missing Cork woman’s spouse: I’ll take a lie detector test

Missing Cork woman’s spouse: I’ll take a lie detector test

Richard Satchwell at his home in Youghal yesterday. Picture: Eddie O’Hare

THE husband of a missing Cork woman has said that he's willing to take a lie detector test to prove he wasn’t involved in her disappearance.

Cork woman Tina Satchwell, aged 45, has been missing since March 20, 2017.

She was reported missing four days later by her husband Richard, who believes she's still alive.

The couple has been together for 28 years and in the four months since she vanished there has been no reported sighting of her.

Mr Satchwell spoke to 3News yesterday, saying he has been the subject of social media speculation about Tina's disappearance.

Mr Sachwell said;

“One day my wife is going to turn back up or she is going to get in touch with the Gardai, one way or another this will all come out and in time it will all prove I’ve done nothing wrong” “In every relationship you know your partner, you know what you be talking about and you know what you feel your partner would want you to do in certain circumstances and that’s all I did. I went by what I thought my wife would want me to do. Whether people agree with the way I did it, that’s really up to them, they weren’t living it, I was. I know my wife better than anybody, I probably know her better than what I know myself and I did what I genuinely felt was right."

“I have been with my wife 28 years and in them 28 years I have never ever lifted a finger to her. I was brought up in a home where there was no …yes there was arguments between my mother and father obviously, but there was never any violence and that’s what I always intended to and always will for the rest of my life always intended for my wife, a good quiet, loving, marriage and nothing else."

“If I was asked to take a lie detector test I would take one. My house was searched without my knowledge and the Gardai didn’t find anything to suggest anything untoward. I live on a main street, so my comings and goings are seen. So you know, I don’t know why people are being so malicious.” “I am, I’m innocent, I’m innocent of any wrongdoing.”

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