Crazy Golf at Fastnet Rock Lighthouse

Crazy Golf at Fastnet Rock Lighthouse

Alan Kelly teeing off on the Fastnet Rock in a bid to promote golf in West Cork.

A CORK man took the term ‘crazy golf’ to a whole new level after he climbed onto Fastnet Rock Lighthouse to strike a few gold balls.

Alan Kelly teeing off at the Fasnet Rock lighthouse.
Alan Kelly teeing off at the Fasnet Rock lighthouse.

Bantry native Alan Kelly has taken to playing golf at famous landmarks across the West in a bid to promote the sport in West Cork.

He has hit golf balls off Gougane Bara, the top steps of Bantry house, Mount Gabriel and Garnish Island.

Speaking to the Echo, Alan admitted playing golf on Fastnet and becoming the first person to do so, was not as relaxing as the sport of golf usually is.

“Dermot O’Sullivan of O’Sullivan’s bar in Crookhaven brought us out early in the morning and it took 40 minutes in high seas to get there,” he said.

“I brought my bag on my back as I had to time the jump while Dermot was timing the boat in reverse against the waves.

“I hit some great 7 irons but on one shot I hit the ground first and just missed skipper O’Sullivan in the sea below,” he added.

“We had to try different sides because of the swell and when we found the best spot I had to do a few trial runs to jump onto the rocks and when I finally made it it was heaven on earth.” Alan has 20 years experience in the golf marketing industry and has played golf for Bantry Bay since 1982.

He said he intends to compile the footage and photos of his epic promotional video in the hope of inspiring others to travel to West Cork and play a few rounds of golf.

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