Evaluation finds Cork Public Museum displays require contemporary upgrade

Evaluation finds Cork Public Museum displays require contemporary upgrade
Cork Public Museum, Fitzgerald's Park, Cork. Picture: Denis Minihane.

Cork’s Public Museum in Fitzgerald’s Park is to be overhauled to present a new exhibition that tells the story of Cork City, from its origins and development until the year 1700.

It follows the recent archaeological discoveries at the Events Centre site on South Main Street which have greatly increased our knowledge and understanding of the foundation and early development of the city.

A wealth of artefacts from the Viking era unearthed during BAM’s ongoing work at the former Beamish & Crawford site were uncovered in recent years.

They included the foundations of 19 wooden Viking Age houses from the 11th and 12th century, three stone walls and a door way of St Laurence’s Church understood to be from the 13th century, a perfectly preserved 1,000-year-old weaver’s sword featuring a carved human face, a collection of spoons, ladles and buckets as well as a wooden thread-winder with the design of two

The museum’s two permanent galleries have been in place since the building was opened in 2005.

However, an evaluation of the of the displays has found that they are outdated and require a more contemporary interpretation for the modern museum visitor.

In 2016, Cork Public Museum was accepted into the Heritage Council’s Museum Standards Programme for Ireland (MSPI) with the aim of meeting 37 different standards in museum operations and collection management in order to secure full accreditation.

Since the opening of the museum’s extension in 2005, there have been a number of important excavations in Cork that have increased our understanding of Cork’s beginnings. Cork City Council is now planning to overhaul the objects, panels and labels and plan to lay out historical artefacts to make exhibits easier to engage with and relate. It is hoped to use various media including original excavated objects, information panels, illustrations and audio/visual installations to enhance the visitor experience.

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