‘The Young Offenders’ star using his life story to help Cork students

‘The Young Offenders’ star using his life story to help Cork students

Shane Casey in hit TV series, ‘The Young Offenders’.

THE YOUNG OFFENDERS star, Shane Casey, who plays misunderstood criminal Billy Murphy in the hit TV show, is using his own life experiences to help secondary school students make better choices.

Mr Casey is working with a Northside outreach programme, run by Graffiti Theatre Company in Blackpool, to help encourage young people to ask for help when they need it and more importantly to ask the right people for help. “I left school early due to a misunderstanding with a teacher and I wonder if I had gone to a teacher that knew me and knew the difficulties I was going through, maybe things could have been different.”

The resilience and wellbeing workshops, use elements of performance, role play and theatre games to get first, second and transition year students to look at how to make the right choices in life and to care for their own wellbeing.

Mr Casey said that he uses his life stories to show the young people examples of things that he might have got wrong in the past and to explore alternative actions he could have taken in that situation.

“They feel that they know me already and then they get to talk to me and they realise I’m a nice guy and it breaks down barriers.”

To book a resilience and wellbeing workshop contact Graffiti Theatre Company on 021-4397111 or email bookings@graffiti.ie.

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