What do Cork people spend their money on?

What do Cork people spend their money on?
Cork spends most of its money on groceries. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Cork people are spending more than the national average on clothes, AIB's new data has revealed. 

Irish people on average are spending €88 a month on clothing, but Corkonians are spending above this at an average of €91 a month. 

This makes Cork the third biggest spender on clothes after Limerick (€95) and Dublin (€97).

Cork people also spend the most in Munster on eating out and food delivery. Cork locals are spending an average of €83 a month on restaurants and takeaways. However, this is lower than the €91 national average.

Locals are spending an average of €12 a month on streaming subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify. This is the price of one subscription, and in line with the national average.

Grocery shopping eats up a lot of cash each month, with Cork people spending €239 per month on food. The national average was €228. 

Cork people came third in Munster on food shops, with Limerick and Tipperary people spending €243 and €242 respectively.

The data also revealed that almost every €1 of €5 is spent online, rather than in-store.

The AIB Mobile App has one million users across Ireland. Roughly 117,000 of those are from Cork.

AIB's Head of Business Banking in Cork, Denis Dudley, said "It’s great to see that almost 117,000 people from Cork are signed up and using the AIB Mobile App on a regular basis – making it the number one Irish mobile banking app and further solidifying AIB’s place as Ireland’s most digitally enabled bank."

Unusually, the younger generation are not looking at their phones. Those between the ages of 30-34 log in to the app the most, while those under the age of 18 are less likely to check their app.

This information was gathered through anonymised and aggregated data from AIB's mobile banking app.

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