Protestors stage 'die-in' at City Hall to highlight "scary future" of climate crisis

Protestors stage 'die-in' at City Hall to highlight "scary future" of climate crisis

Around 30 protestors staged a ‘die-in’ at Cork City Hall today to highlight the need to tackle the climate crisis.

The demonstration was organised by The Extinction Rebellion (XR), an environmental movement aiming to draw public and government attention to the need to tackle climate change.

The group previously held a “die-in” in Cork in April which saw more than 100 XR supporters symbolically play dead on Oliver Plunkett Street to depict.

The XR has made headlines across the UK and Europe with daring demonstrations in recent months.

Wren Ind, a member of Cork XR, explained that the need for action is clear.

“We decided to stage a die-in here to highlight the inaction on the climate emergency,” she said.

Ms Ind described the government’s climate emergency declaration as “purely symbolic” and called for action.

“Things need to change because we face a very scary future,” she added.

Ms Ind said she became inspired to get involved when she saw XR shut down parts of London with protests and demonstrations, and she realised the need for action.

“I have a young child and I’m very scared for her future,” she admitted.

Mark Kernan, a part-time lecturer in University College Cork on the subject of climate change, stopped at the protest.

“I’m fully in support of it,” he said.

He explaind that if temperatures rise even slightly, "we are going to see some very real issues".

“We’re already seeing issues - we know the planet is warmer.

“Stop extracting fossil fuels right away and get really serious about it,” he advised.

“I’ve got 30 or 40 years left and I’m going to see it - if you’re in your 20’s you’re certainly going to see some serious sh*t.

“There’s a lack of education as to how serious this is going to get.

“Anybody who’s around 18, 19 or 20 and they realise it will be scared and they should be,” warned Mr Kernan.

Green party councillor for Cork City, Oliver Moran, took part in the demonstration.

“XR across Ireland, the UK and across the world is highlighting the urgency of dealing with the climate and biodiversity crisis,” he said.

“We are as a species, next if we keep things going the way they are.” Mr Moran pointed to the loss of various species over the past 40 years as a call to action.

“The planet can’t last the way it’s going and if the planet can’t last, neither can we,” he added.

“The solutions to these kind of things are local.

“We have to make changes locally in how we run the city, in the transport we have, where people live, how they get to work and in the kind of attitude that we have towards trees,” he said.

“Trees seem to be the first for the chop here in the city and they’re the lungs of the planet.

“So it’s for these kinds of reasons that we’re out here today to raise the level of awareness.” 

The XR is also hosting a talk entitled ‘Heading for Extinction and What To Do About It’ in The Boole Lecture Hall at University College Cork today at 6pm.

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