Cork race event is in doubt due to issues with insurance cover

Cork race event is in doubt due to issues with insurance cover

Tramore Valley Park where the cyclocross event has taken place for the past two years. Picture: Damian Coleman

A cyclocross race that’s been held in Tramore Valley Park for the last two years is at risk of being cancelled. Cork City Council have told the hosts, De Ronde Van Cork Cycling Club, that their insurance is not adequate.

Club chairperson, Michael Corkery, told the Echo there were never issues with the event before. “We’re accredited with Cycling Ireland,” Michael said. “We fully indemnify the council. Every rider signs a declaration beforehand, and they all have their own Cycling Ireland medical insurance. This has never been an issue.

“There’s a race being run next week up in Mallow Town Park. There’s going to be another one in Youghal, so the County Council doesn’t have a problem. Cork City Council is the outlier here.”

Fianna Fáil councillor Sean Martin is due to speak to council officials again next week on the issue, which stems from the fact that one competitor injuring another could leave the City Council exposed. “If there’s protocol there and there’s precedent, I don’t see why we can’t follow what’s being done elsewhere,” Cllr Martin said. “In fairness, the officials involved in this are very pro-sport. They’ve been told by the legal department that there is an issue. I think if there’s an issue, the council have to be careful.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Corkery says that the cover requested by the council doesn’t exist, despite Cycling Ireland engaging with 14 different insurance providers, in both the UK and Ireland.

Cork City Council, however, say they are not preventing the event from taking place. “The city council has a very strong record of supporting various sporting, and other, bodies in holding events within the city. However, we also have a duty of care to protect both participants and the council from exposure to risk,” a spokesperson told the Echo. “The cover sought is no different from that sought from any other groups availing of city council facilities. If the appropriate insurance is put in place, we will continue to work with the organisers to facilitate the event taking place.”

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