Pedestrian safety concerns raised about busy Cork roundabout

Pedestrian safety concerns raised about busy Cork roundabout
The pedestrian crossing at Fingerpost roundabout in Douglas. Picture: Peter Horgan.

Safety concerns have been raised about one of Cork's busiest roundabouts. 

Local representatives have voiced concerns about the pedestrian crossings at the Fingerpost roundabout in Douglas, as well as the busy nature of the road.

The roundabout sees heavy traffic, and local representatives say pedestrians are "nervous" about crossing the road. There are no traffic lights at these crossings. 

Councillor Deirdre Forde, who represents the area, says this issue has been raised "many times" with her by her constituents. 

"The volume of traffic at that roundabout is huge. The cars seem to speed up a bit going around the roundabout and people are unsure of when to cross. They feel unsafe, especially people with children in buggies.

"I have met with officials and they say this is the best and safest way for a pedestrian crossing [to be designed]. But I cannot see the logic in having a crossing here. I will keep pressing them about it.

"We need to look at the volume of cars in the area and how to make it safer and more attractive to walk in Douglas."

Cllr Forde says this junction was one of 21 which were highlighted for upgrades as part of Cork County Council's Douglas Land Use and Transportation Strategy plan. "Now we are in the city's jurisdiction, we are part of the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy. 

"We need to be taking this issue up with city officials, and I have a meeting with the Director of Roads in the New Year."

The Fine Gael councillor says the traffic flow of the area needs to be looked at as a whole. "Especially after the disastrous fire, it's time for a review. I would like to see a core group looking at Douglas and the traffic management there. 

"The city needs to upgrade a lot of things in Douglas, and the area needs more attention. We've been through enough." 

The Labour Party's local area representative, Peter Horgan, has also called for the completion of pedestrian safety measures at the Fingerpost roundabout.

"Three exits off the roundabout have pedestrian crossings, with arguably the busiest yet to receive any safety intervention. People in wheelchairs and those with buggies, to name just two vulnerable pedestrian groups, are particularly at risk here.

"It’s time to install a pedestrian crossing on the road coming from and to Douglas Court’s main entrance.

"I have regularly seen people at this last unprotected junction stalling and hesitating to cross the road, and in the winters evening, it is even more dangerous as cars try to enter onto the roundabout. I have written to City Hall Roads Unit to request action on this."

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