Council keen to open up access to Tramore Valley Park but work unlikely in the short term 

Council keen to open up access to Tramore Valley Park but work unlikely in the short term 

However, City Hall has said that the project, to open up access to the Tramore Valley park, is “highly desirable”. 

There is no end in sight to the ongoing issues surrounding access to Tramore Valley park from the Half Moon Lane entrance.

However, City Hall has said that the project is “highly desirable”. 

Despite this, it still looks unlikely to happen in at least the next 12 months, while they’re also hoping to fund the project externally.

Fianna Fáil Councillor Seán Martin asked at this month’s meeting of the City Council if there is funding in the 2020 budget for the development of the entrance, which locals have been calling for since the park itself opened. It comes following similar questions from Independent Councillor Mick Finn last month.

City Hall officials responded saying that while it’s “highly desirable and would enhance the access options available to this new public recreation facility” careful planning and detailed design works must be completed first.

They confirmed that just the funding to appoint Traffic Consultants is included in the 2020 request for Parks Capital Funding. If this is successful, consultants will be appointed in the first half of this year.

The consultants will then present a set of draft improvement proposals specifically designed to address safety issues that exist, according to Director of Services for Roads and Environment Operations, David Joyce.

The project would then go to Part 8 and, if approved, a detailed design, tender, contract award, and construction would take place. However, it’s “impossible to say” what the associated costs will be with this.

“Obviously delivery of this project will be dependent on the required funding being available to cover said construction costs. An estimate of the total cost will be undertaken at detailed design stage. Options to finance the works will also be considered at this stage with a view to, preferably, identifying an external funding source for the project,” Mr Joyce said in response to Mr Martin.

The total timescale to get this project to the end of the Part 8 process is approximately twelve months from the date of appointment of the Traffic Consultants.

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