Swing gate controversy referenced as new Cork hotel granted licence to trade

Swing gate controversy referenced as new Cork hotel granted licence to trade

The Dean Hotel at Horgan's Quay HQ Cork City.

The architect for the brand new Dean Hotel in Cork had to field just one question from the state solicitor yesterday as the premises was given a licence to trade – “Where is the swing?” 

The Dean Hotel has become synonymous with the swing since the incident at their hotel on Harcourt Street, Dublin, which gave rise to the so-called Swing Gate controversy.

The team behind the new Dean Hotel on Railway Street, Cork, came to Cork Circuit Court to secure their hotel licence that would licence full bar and restaurant facilities on their premises which is ready to trade. 

The licence was granted by Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin.

Barrister, Kerry Morgan, went through the necessary proofs for the granting of the licence for the new hotel which now has 65 staff recruited to run the 114-bedroom facility.

Director of the company Mathew Ryan agreed with Ms Morgan BL that he was very excited to open the new landmark premises for the group in Cork.

Licensing registrar Orla Penney testified that she had checked the licensing records dating back to 1900 to confirm no licence ever existed at that location.

Edward Cahalane confirmed the extinguishing of his licence at The Hawthorn Inn, County Laois, a family pub which has ceased trading.

Architect Paud O’Mahony of Wilson Architecture said the hotel was ready to trade.

Frank Nyhan state solicitor for Cork city said gardaí and the fire officer were satisfied that the hotel was complete and ready to trade.

The state did not have any questions for any of the witnesses put forward on behalf of the Dean Hotel application.

However, Mr Nyhan could not resist one question for the architect of the new Dean Hotel: “Where is the swing?” 

While there was no answer to the question it was greeted with the proverbial laughter in court.

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