Residents worry for homes after Cork city boundary wall damage

Residents worry for homes after Cork city boundary wall damage
The boundary wall collapse Church Avenue.

A RESIDENT of Church Avenue, where a wall partially collapsed last month has said he believes there could be a loss of life if any more of it falls.

Donal Goulding has said that there is currently a big crack in what is left, and believes that if it falls it will take some of the houses on John Street with it.

“There could be a loss of life,” he said, while calling for the structure to be made safe, even temporarily, until a permanent solution can be found. “We are living with the worry of getting up in the morning not knowing if we will have a house in the afternoon,” he added.

On February 20 and 22, there were two incidents of partial collapses in the area, with Cork City Council saying they’re satisfied it’s “a civil matter between private property owners.” They also said they had written to residents recommending that they seek independent structural engineering and legal opinion on the issue.

Mr Goulding hit out at their response to the situation: “The city council have never called to any residents on Church Avenue, we simply got a standard letter from them saying it's nothing to do with them as the houses are privately owned."

He said that apart from two TDs and four councillors “no help was offered whatsoever” while the elected representatives also “did not hold out any hope of city council support,” Mr Goulding told The Echo.

Mr Goulding also provided The Echo with photographs of the area, which he said shows the proper extent of the damage, which he took from as close as he could get to it without putting himself in danger.

Mr Goulding said that the insurance company have labelled the incident a landslide rather than subsistence, but have nothing to pay out for yet as no remedial work has been done. That hasn’t been done because “no one will touch the collapse in case they are held responsible,” he said.

He said that the residents of Church Avenue have been in constant contact about the situation, and are worried about the expenses they have yet to incur, such as reports and hotel costs as he fears they may have to evacuate again at some stage.

Last week, Councillor Mick Nugent – who brought forward a question on the issue - was informed by the city council’s executive that they have no remit to undertake works on private property, but that they would be happy to meet with residents as they proceed in the process.

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