Young Offenders star blasts those who ignore restrictions 

Young Offenders star blasts those who ignore restrictions 
Actor Jennifer Barry. Picture: Denis Minihane.

The Young Offenders star Jennifer Barry has criticised the actions of some people who continue to ignore the latest restrictions in relation to Covid-19.

The actor is currently on Bere Island caring for her father who is cocooning and her brother who has Down Syndrome and who is at high risk of catching the virus.

Speaking to The Echo about her concern over people who are continuing to leave the house to meet up with friends and make non-essential trips to the shops during the pandemic she said: “It’s so selfish. I’m actually furious that people are still doing it. They clearly have no idea of the seriousness of what’s going on and it’s just so horrible to see that they don’t understand that there’s people dying.”

Ms Barry has not seen her sister or her mother, who works on the frontline at Cork University Hospital (CUH), in six weeks.

She said that there are people risking their lives on the frontline every day and yet some people still are not taking the situation seriously.

“There’s still people that aren’t following the rules and just being selfish, we’re all going to have to suffer, we’ll all have to be kept in doors longer.

“Really think before you act. The government isn’t putting these measures in place for no reason, people are dying and it’s up to the people to act to try and save the lives of others.

“By not going out you are protecting yourself and you’re also protecting your loved ones.

“If you realise that and you’re still going out, it’s pure selfishness and you should really take a look at yourself,” she said.

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