Cork comedy clubs issue statements on mistreatment of women in industry

Cork comedy clubs issue statements on mistreatment of women in industry

TWO of Cork’s most prominent comedy clubs have issued statements about the mistreatment of women within the industry.

The CoCo Club and The Wonky Donkey Comedy Club have both said they are taking a long hard look at the way they do business in light of a series of online allegations of mistreatment by females.

Both clubs posted on social media saying they were looking at creating additional protection for women in their clubs.

The Coco Club, run by Cornelius O’Sullivan is one of Cork longest-running comedy clubs.

“In light of the harrowing stories and situations that have been unfolding for many female comedians on the Irish circuit, we have decided that we must now take stock and help as best we can make our environment as safe as safe can be," the statement said.

“We are now working on a formal grievance procedure and code of ethics that will apply to all performers involved with The Coco Club.” 

The CoCo Club statement added: “To the women who have spoken out about their painful experiences, we hear you, we see you, we believe you and we stand with you.”

Similarly, The Wonky Donkey Comedy Club, run by Mike Morgan and Ross Browne, said they were working on developing anti-harassment policies.

“We at the Wonky Donkey are so saddened, disappointed and outraged by the abuse occurring in the comedy industry. Personally we have zero tolerance to any kind of abuse, unfortunately, this is not the case in all clubs in Ireland.

“Change can only happen if we band together and speak out. If you see abuse or injustice happening, report it.”

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