Cork teen's Covid-19 film picked up by Amazon Prime 

Cork teen's Covid-19 film picked up by Amazon Prime 
16-year old Michael Keane from Cobh never believed that his short film Covid Eire would be such a hit.

A FILM made by a Cork teen to occupy himself during lockdown is expected to screen on Amazon Prime Video in the coming weeks.

Michael Keane, aged 16, from Cobh never believed that his short film, Covid Eire, would be such a hit.

Despite being down a cast and crew, he was determined to create a production worthy of the small screen.

His latest film has already attracted the likes of subscription service Amazon Prime Video.

It focuses on a character diagnosed with Covid-19 as he reflects on his experience with the illness.

Michael is no stranger to success, having previously won the Audience Choice Award for his film Final Shot at this year’s Fresh International Film Festival.

The film drew inspiration from the Columbine high school shootings which took place before Michael was born.

He spoke about the inspiration behind his latest offering.

“I had seen other movies filmed on trains and loved how they looked,” Michael said.

“I gathered stories from different people about Covid-19 and built a character around them.

“I’m half Spanish and knew of a couple of relatives in Spain who had got the virus.

“The character in my film is reflecting on the train ride.

“We can’t tell if he is traveling into the future or going back into the past.

“I like to leave that open to the audience.”

Michael was thrilled to have the support of Irish Rail during the process.

“I never planned on making the film but after I had the idea I sent an email to Irish Rail.

“They said there was no problem with me filming on the train as long as I didn’t disturb the other passengers. Luckily, it was practically empty.”

Michael played the main character himself as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.

“I did it totally by myself,” he explained.

“I had already planned which shots I was going to get and the angles.

“All those angles were then put together to make it appear like one shot.”

The 16-year-old has worked hard to earn the level of success he enjoys today.

“I started doing this when I was nine and have always loved taking pictures and making movies.

“I used to put together little clips with my friends. Unfortunately, since the onset of Covid-19 I haven’t been able to do that.

“I’d like to get a few movies done with other people as it’s not the same working on your own. My favourite genres to film are thrillers and mysteries.

“Even though I like comedies I find a lot of them are the same. The same goes for horrors. My favourite director would probably be JJ Abrams.”

Michael has amassed an impressive portfolio to date despite only preparing to start fifth year in September.

“Usually if I do work for one client they will tell a friend which means more business. At the moment I’m not too worried about making money.

“I just love the artistic aspect of making films and hope that what I am doing now will open up many more opportunities.”

Covid Eire is five minutes long and shot on the train line from Michael’s hometown Cobh en route to Cork city.

“I believe it’s going on Amazon Prime,” Michael said, “but I’d also like to send it local film festivals and have it screened there.”

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