'I'm the richest man in Cork, by a huge margin in fairness to me.'

Reggie from Blackrock Road returns to The Everyman with his new show ‘Reggie’s Guide to Social Climbing’. Here’s his tongue in cheek participation in our weekly 'Person to Person' column
'I'm the richest man in Cork, by a huge margin in fairness to me.'

Pat Fitzpatrick who is back as 'Reggie' in The Everyman fro March 8. Picture: Darragh Kane

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Reggie. I’m the richest man in Cork, by a huge margin in fairness to me. I live in a 6.2 million euro mansion on the Blackrock Road, but it will gone up by the time you’ve read this. (People say to me, ‘Do you know, Reggie, that the average person can no longer afford to buy on the Blackrock Road?. I say, ‘I know, it’s fantastic, isn’t it, who wants to live next to an ordinary person. Keep them out in Grenagh.’) 

I’m the Lifetime President of The Captains of Cork Industry, an elite business organisation dedicated to maintaining the highest standards on Leeside, while paying zero tax and cheating on our wives. (You’d be wrecked from it.)

Where were you born?

In the Bons. Private wing, you can’t afford it.


I have an open marriage with my wife, Marjorie, I’m just waiting for the right moment to tell her. I have two kids that I admit to.

Best friend?

Bunty Harrington.

Earliest childhood memory?

My father telling me to stop looking across the river at the northside or I’d end up catching something.

Person you most admire?


Person who most irritates you?

My brother Lochlann, he’s after learning Irish.

Where was your most memorable holiday?

What’s a holiday?

Favourite TV programme?

Room To Improve. The houses are so small – how does anyone live like that?

Favourite radio show?

Brendan O’Connor’s show on RTÉ. I’m fascinated they gave such an important show to someone from Bishopstown.

Your signature dish if cooking?

‘If cooking’? Very funny. I’d be fired out of the cannon in the Royal Cork Yacht Club if word got out that I knew how to turn on my cooker.

Last book you read?

Rich Man, Poor Man.

Best book you read?

I’ve only ever read one book.

Favourite song?

Neil Diamond, Forever In Blue Jeans. I love the way he pretends that money won’t make you happy.

One person you would like to see in concert?

Myself. The only problem with putting on my incredibly entertaining shows in The Everyman is I can’t sit up in the balcony admiring myself. Still, it’s a small price to pay. I’m going to see Rod Stewart in the Marquee this summer. I get a great laugh out of all the northsiders singing along to I Am Sailing. As if any of them would ever be allowed out in a yacht. I’ve told Rod there is only one man allowed to sing Do Ya Think I’m Sexy in a skin-tight outfit down in Blackrock, and that’s me, but he’s ploughing ahead anyway.

Do you have a pet?

I’ve a couple of snow leopards in the private zoo in my country residence, Castle Reggie. I can’t imagine life without them, unless Elon Musk ups his bid to buy them.

Morning person or night owl?

Morning person definitely. I’m up at 10am every morning, ready to face another day of messaging gorgeous German aristocrats on my favourite dating app, Loaded Lovers.

Your proudest moment?

When I was sued by the people of Kilmallock for suggesting that none of them had been to college.

Spendthrift or saver?

No idea. I have people who handle all that for me, ask them.

What makes you happy?

Planning to move Mahon to the northside.

How would you like to be remembered?

As the guy who moved Mahon to the northside.

What else are you up to at the moment?

Nothing, that’s taking up all my time. Except of course getting ready for my new show, Reggie’s Guide to Social Climbing, opening in The Everyman on March 8. And yes, I know, The Everyman is on the northside. But I’ve had a great reception from the Norries every time I go up there. It’s almost like they’ve never seen my videos on social media.

Reggie from the Blackrock Road returns to The Everyman with his brand new show, Reggie’s Guide to Social Climbing, which opens on Wednesday, March 8 and continues until Sunday, March 19. See everymancork.com or call 021 4501 673

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