Cork-based coach helps write best-seller

A Cork-based corporate learning leader and coach has contributed to a book which has hit the best-seller list. CHRIS DUNNE catches up with Samantha Lynch, who has lived here since 1999, to find out about the new publication
Cork-based coach helps write best-seller

Samantha Lynch

MIDLETON-based Samantha Lynch, who has lived in Cork since 1999, is celebrating the success of her book.

The Awakened Warrior Toolkit is a collaborative guidebook for all, which went straight in at No.1 on the Amazon bestseller charts in over eight categories, including Women’s Spirituality, Personal Transformation, and New Age.

The book also No.8 in the Mind, Body & Soul category alongside Davina McCall and James Clear’s Atomic Habits, and charted at No.9 amongst all global non-fiction listings on Amazon.

Brought together by Samantha’s coach, Carol-Ann Reid, the book collaboration includes contributions from professionals, coaches, teachers, and leaders in the corporate space, as well as holistic and spiritual healers, in a bid to inspire others.

This best-selling book brings together the insights, expert learnings and wisdom of the 10 collaborating authors, as each bravely writes about their own journey to finding their true-life paths.

“In deciding to be part of the collaboration, my goal was to share my experiences within my life - be it the corporate world, within relationship changes or self-limiting beliefs gathered through the years - and how I overcame them,” says Sam.

“To inspire and empower others to see and feel that it is possible to live a full and rewarding life. Not one that is perfect and that does not have bad days, but that when those things happen you are better equipped to deal with them. Sharing best practices that empower and support you to take the steps they need and showing you the way to do it.”

Each author covers this within their unique chapter of the toolkit, by highlighting spiritual, practical and mindful take-aways for the reader to try for themselves.

Sam overcame her own mental health challenges; fuelled by imposter syndrome that amplified her fears and worries to create a life that really does light her up.

Sam is a 40-something Global Sales Learning Leader & Coach, as well as Mental Health First Aider, and a volunteer mentor to women looking to develop their career or their business.

She helps individuals and teams do more productive and impactful work through enablement and coaching during her day job, while supporting mentees to overcome their limiting beliefs, get clarity on their values, and create a strategy for success when mentoring outside of her corporate role.

In her spare time, Sam is a volunteer mentor to women looking to either kickstart their career or springboard their own business. She uses her skills as a mental health first aider to be a light in times of darkness.

“I am missus to Mr Lynch and doggie mum to Deefor, a lockdown foster pup who never went back to the rescue!” says Sam.

“I am a Scouser who lives in Ireland as an adopted Corkonian - blending Liverpudlian wit with Irish humour in my day-to-day. I have a passion for travel, gigs, and food - and I often try to combine all of these - and I love to fill my cup (or glass) full of the good stuff.”

Sam says about the book: “I am thrilled that the toolkit has become a global bestseller overnight. The pages are full of deeply insightful lessons and key take-away moments from each author’s transformative journey. We hope this honest and courageous book helps the reader reconnect with a sense of self and feel free to be truly authentic.”

Within her chapter Aligning to a Life that Lights You Up!, Sam shares; “Prior to this transformation, I would come across as positive, on my game and successful. Yet inside I would be riddled with self doubt for starters, a fear of failure as the main course and a massive bowl of imposter syndrome for dessert.

The Awakened Warrior Toolkit is a collaborative guidebook for all
The Awakened Warrior Toolkit is a collaborative guidebook for all

“Knowing what I know now about our mind-body connection, it’s no wonder I was walking around with permanent heartburn and indigestion!”

After spending 12 years investing in her career and professional development, the one thing that was holding her back was the focus on the inner work, the personal soul-seeking development. Once Sam focused on that, she was able to be the catalyst as part of her own awakening.

The benefits not only helped her handle tough situations more effectively, but provided calm where there was often chaos, and an overall sense of ‘I am enough. I am worthy, I matter’ in dealing with daily challenges - removing imposter syndrome and bolstering her confidence.

In the last two years alone, Sam faced challenges with having to reschedule her wedding abroad due to Covid, then three months before her rescheduled wedding date in Ireland had the venue in Cork cancel on her.

“Add to that three days before an end of course submission ending up in A&E with a dislocated knee, broken leg and severe surgery to remediate, it would not be unusual to experience anxiety, stress and frustration,” says Sam.

“I was able to navigate through these challenges during lockdown and come out of it with positive outcomes all round.”

With a recent survey by stating almost half of Irish women (45%) have reported experiencing imposter syndrome at some point in their career, and over a third (37%) of men saying they felt the same, Sam knew she was not alone.

He continues by referencing the quote “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”.

This well known quote from Henry Ford (who has strong connections to Cork!) massively impacted her mindset, as she goes on to share some fundamentals that helped her change her perception including;

Undoing the stories that she had taught herself to be true (and how she did this).

Journaling more and being grateful for what she had instead of longing for what she didn’t.

Going back to that child-like state, where dreams are big and anything is possible because you say it is so!

Having a series of her very own ‘lightbulb moments’ brought Sam light at the end of a dark tunnel, and clarity and calm where there was once internal chaos.

Founder of Authors & Co, Abigail Horne, who has brought the book to life, said it is for people at every stage of life. She said: “At Authors & Co, we work with entrepreneurs who want to make an impact through leaving their legacy.

“Our authors always lead their readers to reflect on their own lives, and if aligned, make use of the teachings to move forward themselves.”

Sam concludes: “The pages are full of deeply insightful lessons and take-away moments from each author’s transformative journey.

“We hope that this honest and courageous book helps the reader reconnect with a sense of self and feel free to be truly authentic.”

To find out more about Sam find her on LinkedIn: Or Instagram:

The Awakened Awakened Warrior Toolkit Chapters and Contributors

1. Free The Warrior Within And She Will Light The Way - Carol-Ann Reid

2. Embrace Your Inner Goddess - Amber Harrison

3. Is Your Life Being Steered By A Six Year Old? Carly Boyle

4. Living A Heart-Led Life - Cat Marshall

5. My First Of Many Awakenings - Donna Martin

6. Breaking The Silence: My Hormones, My Purpose -Elissa Dobson

7. Chasing The Unknown -Laure Polidori

8. Aligning To A Life That Lights You Up! -Samantha Lynch

9. Awakening Through ‘Inlightenment’ - Sarah Rodger Jones

10. Awakening My Personal Growth and Development. Sharon Waterman

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