Recipe: Oreo Cookie Mousse Cake

Now here's a recipe by Mercy Fenton that really takes the biscuit!
Recipe: Oreo Cookie Mousse Cake

Oreo Cookie Mousse Cake by Mercy Fenton

"This is a great cake, light and soft, perfect for the weekend," says Mercy Fenton in her weekly column.

"Layers of chocolate sponge hold the featherlight cookie and vanilla mousse, topped with chocolate ganache. Use a hot, dry knife to cut it and you will have a stunning, but easy cake. 

"The only part of this that’s a bit tricky is you need to use at least three egg yolks to get volume. So this amount makes 2 x 9 inch round cakes, I recommend eating one and freezing the other. The chocolate sponge that holds the mousse can be made a day ahead if necessary."

Chocolate Sponge


5 free-range eggs

112gr flour

28gr cocoa powder

140gr sugar


  • Preheat oven to 200C.
  • Grease the base and sides of a 9 in round spring form tin, and line it with a disk of parchment paper.
  • Put eggs and sugar in bowl of an electric mixer and whisk until very light and creamy. The mixture should be stiff enough to retain the impression of the whisk for a few seconds.
  • Sift together the flour and cocoa powder.
  • Gently fold half the flour into the whisked mixture using a metal spoon or clean hands.
  • Fold in the remaining flour, making sure it has all been incorporated and there are no lumps.
  • Pour the mixture into the prepared tin, smoothing it over evenly and gently.
  • Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes until well risen, set and spongy.
  • Turn out onto a wire rack to cool and peel off the parchment paper.
  • Once completely cool, cut horizontally into 4 disks.
  • Using 2 x 9 in spring form tins, line the base with a disk of parchment paper.
  • Place a disk of sponge in the bottom of each tin and reserve the other 2 disks for the top (Ideally, the top and bottom disks so they have a smooth side exposed when finishing the cake.)
  • Next prepare the mousse.



3 leaves gelatine

300ml whipped cream

50ml pouring cream

2 tsp vanilla extract

100g white chocolate

70gr cookie crumb

3 free range eggs

45gr sugar

75gr sugar


  • Whip the cream and vanilla and refrigerate until needed.
  • Soak gelatin in cold water.
  • Boil the pouring cream.
  • Lift gelatin out of water and squeeze away the excess water, add soaked gelatin to the boiled cream and stir until dissolved.
  • Meanwhile, put the white chocolate and in a small bowl.
  • Pour the cream mixture onto white chocolate stir until smooth and melted.
  • Once everything is melted and smooth, set it aside and prepare your egg yolk.
  • Separate your eggs, ensure no yolk in whites.
  • Put the egg yolks on to whisk on high speed.
  • Weigh out smaller quantity of sugar first; put in a small pot and add just enough water to dissolve it.
  • Put it on medium heat, ensure sugar is dissolved then increase heat and cook to softball (quite thick syrup), you can check with a sugar thermometer if you have one, 235F.
  • Beat the yolks until they have doubled in volume.
  • Turn off mixer, then carefully add the boiled sugar syrup. Whisk again until thick and the mixture cools.
  • Add to the cooled, slightly thickened chocolate mixture, set aside.
  • Put larger quantity of sugar on to cook as before.
  • When nearly ready, put egg whites on to whisk at high speed. When the sugar syrup has reached softball, stop the mixer, then carefully add the boiled sugar syrup. Continue to whisk till cooled.
  • Fold the egg white into the yolk mixture, once evenly distributed with no lumps. Fold the whipped cream and cookie crumb into the mixture.
  • Share the mousse into the two prepared tins and level carefully. Top each mix with a disk of sponge smooth side face up. Chill until set then prepare the ganache

Ganache for 2 cakes


200gr 53% chocolate drops

150gr cream



  • lace the cream in a small saucepan over a low medium heat and bring to a low simmer - don’t let it boil.
  • Pour the cream over the chocolate and leave it to melt for a minute.
  • Slowly whisk the cream through.
  • Set aside to cool for 6-8 minutes, whisk again to thicken slightly and cool.
  • Repeat until it’s cooler, but still fluid enough to pour.
  • Once it’s ready, share between the two tins and spread evenly with a step palette.
  • Chill in the fridge for 30-40 minutes until set.
  • Decorate with chocolate curls, or Oreo biscuits.

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