Stripped and ripped - Wrestler appears on 'Naked Attraction' TV date show 

Naked Attraction is back tonight, Tuesday April 13 for its latest series writes Danielle de Wolfe
Stripped and ripped - Wrestler appears on 'Naked Attraction' TV date show 

Anna Richardson is back to host the new series of Naked Attraction on Channel 4 on Tuesday

APPLAUDED by many for normalising the human body in all its shapes and forms, it has also been labelled controversial by some for its frank approach to full frontal nudity.

But Naked Attraction is undoubtedly popular and is back for an eights series in Channel 4 on Tuesday at 10pm.

Hosted by journalist and presenter Anna Richardson, aged 50, the hit show has six nude contestants gradually revealing their bodies in a bid to win a date with one equally naked picker.

Every inch the reversal of Blind Date, Naked Attraction continues to entertain and educate in equal measure.

From fearless cancer survivors to liberated transsexuals mid-transition, it’s a show that embraces diversity — complete with a handful of wince-inducing moments for good measure.

Who can forget Judith — the breast cancer survivor, who played The Lord Is My Shepherd to the bodies on her little Casio organ and who caused an internet breakdown when she got all the bods to try her Victoria sponge?

How does Anna keep her composure in those situations?

“You know what, I’ve only lost it a couple of times. There is a moment in this series where I properly lose it... I have to bite my cheeks to stop myself from laughing. But normally, I’m quite good at sort of keeping some journalistic composure. It’s about respect. So I’ve also genuinely got to be aware of boundaries and trying to be respectful.”

The new series includes Iain, a pro wrestler from Manchester.

“And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Glow? I think it’s on Netflix,” adds Anna. “Iain the pro wrestler literally comes into the studio with his gloves on and this kind of unitard and super boots, and his pro wrestler name is Jet Fashion. He’s Jet because he’s fast and nimble, and he’s Fashion because he’s always in style — or so he thinks. He reckons that his wrestling moves are always a winner with the ladies in the bedroom and he’s mastered things like the tombstone piledriver that he likes to demonstrate in bed.”

There are also some incredibly heartfelt moments too, aren’t there?

“We’ve also got our oldest ever picker, Ian, who is 75. And Ian, in his twilight years, has realised he is bi-curious. So, even though he was married for decades — sadly, he lost his wife, so he’s a widower — but in his twilight years, he’s realised that actually he might be into trying it with the fellas.

“We’ve also got a guy called Carlo, who is a leukaemia survivor, so very nearly lost his life. And he’s also a sexy steeplejack.”

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