My Weekend: I'm up with the lark... or a baby gurgle

We catch up with soprano Kelley Lonergan Petcu
My Weekend: I'm up with the lark... or a baby gurgle

Kelley Lonergan, who will be taking part in Finding A Voice - she will perform A Woman of Genius: The Life and Music of Pauline Viardot. 

Soprano Kelley Lonergan Petcu will be performing at Finding A Voice, a four-day concert series that focuses exclusively on music by women composers through the ages. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Pauline Garcia Viardot, on March 6, she will present a recital of Viardot’s works, accompanied by Gabriela Mayer alongside readings from her letters and diaries by Aideen Wylde.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Kelley Petcu (nee Lonergan) and I’m a soprano and lecturer in voice at the MTU Cork School of Music. I’m originally from Clonmel, Co. Tipp, but I’m now living in Cork City. I’m married to Alex, who is a percussionist and we had gorgeous baby girl in July, Ella. We also have two furry babies, Sammy and Sid, who are our beloved adopted yorkies from the DSPCA.

What is your ideal way to spend a Friday night?

I love to have friends over for catch-ups over a glass of wine and some nibbles. It’s the perfect mix between socialising and having all the comforts of being at home too.

Lie-ins or up with the lark.. which is it for you?

Pre-baby I would have definitely have said lie-ins. I’m now up with the lark (or a baby gurgle) and I’m enjoying the sunrises as they are something I never got to see before.

Does work creep into your weekend at all?

Yes, all the time, being a musician, there’s no such thing as Monday-Friday, there’s always practise, rehearsals or gigs.

If money was no object where would you head to on a weekend city break? And who would you bring with you?

Rome. I was there four years ago and loved every second. The food, the art, the streets were a feast for the senses.

No wonder Italians have a name for being so passionate, there is inspiration everywhere.

Percussionist Alex Petcu-Colan, Soprano Kelley Lonergan and pianist Ellen Jansson, who all take part in Finding A Voice.
Percussionist Alex Petcu-Colan, Soprano Kelley Lonergan and pianist Ellen Jansson, who all take part in Finding A Voice.

Closer to home, is there some place you like to head to recharge the batteries?

We recently discovered Fota House and Gardens, and have had a few beautiful walks there with Ella. Ballycotton Cliff walk is fab. Even closer to home, a trip to Fitzgerald Park on a sunny day is always nice.

Do you like to catch up with family/friends at the weekend?

Yes! Or midweek. I’m always up for a chat.

Do you get to indulge any hobbies? Even as a spectator?

Music was my main hobby and now it’s my job... I enjoy yoga, meditation, they help me wind down and relax.

Entertain or be entertained? If it’s the latter do you have a signature dish?

I love both... I do particularly enjoy seeing people happy and enjoying food that I’ve made, whether it’s guacamole and nachos or a roast leg of lamb.

We have so many places to eat out in Cork — where are your go to spots for coffee/ lunch/ special meal?

I love Market Lane, it’s my go-to for everything you’ve listed above. Great food, atmosphere and service. I can’t wait to get back there again once everything re-opens.

Sunday night comes around too fast.. how do you normally spend it?

With my feet up, and two doggies on my lap watching a good movie.

What time does your alarm clock go off on Monday morning?

My alarm, in the form of my six month old, wakes up anytime from 6am-7.30am every day of the week.
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