Cork writer donates her  books to children's hospitals

A Cork woman has launched the latest in her series of weather inspired books for children and has donated some to Irish hospitals, writes IRENE HALPIN LONG
Cork writer donates her  books to children's hospitals

Elayne Lawton and her son David, who inspired her Weatherville series of children’s books.

DOUGLAS woman Elayne Lawton has published the second book in her Weatherville series of picture books for children.

They teach children about how the weather works by introducing them to different weather characters and seeing how they interact with each other to create different types of weather.

Her work was inspired by her son, David, who asks lots of questions about the weather. To help answer them, Elayne created the land of Weatherville. The many adventures of Weatherville’s characters explain how the weather works.

Chloe the Cloud and the Friendly Fog.
Chloe the Cloud and the Friendly Fog.

Chloe Cloud and the Friendly Fog is the next instalment in the series, following on from Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe. It tells the story of Chloe, a happy, playful cloud who one day worries about something that seems to have fallen from the sky. This rhyming story is full of engaging illustrations by illustrator, Paula Reel.

Elayne shares her writing journey with her followers on Instagram. Her writing and creative process changed over lockdown. Because her son is an only child, her priority was making sure he was happy and felt safe and unaffected by the changes brought about by Covid-19 restrictions.

She said: “My whole focus became less on the writing and more on involving my son in what I was doing with Wonderfully Weathery Books. I began sharing weather crafts and weather experiments on my Instagram page @wonderfullyweatherybooks as it was something both my son and I could do together. It was also a great way to give other parents some fun ideas to pass the days.”

Elayne also started an online initiative during lockdown called #sharetherainbow.

She explained: “Rainbows became such a symbol of hope during lockdown. I decided that I should share my rainbow and donate copies of my first book Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe to the National Children’s Hospitals. 

"For every book that was bought online, I matched that purchase and donated a book to a child in hospital to pay it forward and #sharetherainbow."

The Weatherville series.
The Weatherville series.

“We donated lots of lovely, happy books to the children’s wards at CUH, Crumlin Children’s Hospital and Temple Street Hospital.”

Elayne explained the creative writing process she followed when working on her new book, Chloe Cloud and the Friendly Fog.

“There were several new weather characters in this book. They were difficult to bring to life so I had to write detailed character briefs so we could land them. 

Then I had to break down the story page by page and draw both the layout and what I thought the illustrations should look like.

“This brief was sent onto the illustrator, Paula, and the process began. It took months to consult on every single illustration and every finite detail. This went on throughout the summer and up until October, but it is the most rewarding time as you see both your characters and words totally come to life.”

Elayne’s books are available to purchase via her online shop,

Books are available for €10 each or a book bundle containing two titles can be bought for €18.

The Weatherville series is also available in bookstores. A full list of stockists is available on Elayne’s website.

Elayne is busy planning her next couple of books in the Weatherville series.

She said: “I plan to start the next book quite soon as I think more books make so much more sense as a collection of books about the weather.

“I do have another book written and ready to go so people can expect that some time in 2021. It will focus on the water cycle.”

For more information on Wonderfully Weathery Books, follow the series on Instagram or Facebook @wonderfullyweatherybooks

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