Woman's worth workshop will allow you to let go and be yourself

A Woman’s Worth Workshop which includes yoga, dance and making a Sile na Gig, takes place this month, writes CHRIS DUNNE
Woman's worth workshop will allow you to let go and be yourself

TAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF: The Women’s Worth Workshop runs at the Yoga Loft on Monaghan Road on May 11 and 12.

WE all need time out, or some precious ‘me’ time to gather our thoughts and get away from the pressures of today’s busy world.

The Woman’s Worth Workshop taking place on Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12 at the Yoga Loft on Monaghan Road, Cork, is offering just that and much more besides.

“We invite women of any age and stage to come to be open, playful, expressive and creative,” says Sarah Fox, who is a Functional Range Mobility Specialist and who is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher, currently lecturing Asana Nutrition and Lifestyle, Subtle Anatomy and Meditation with Yoga teacher-training all over Ireland.

“Myself and two amazing women, Charlie Boyd, who runs Movement Meditation Classes in and around London, Firm Feet Dance, and Martha Cashman, Arts Facilitator and Sculptor, who ran a successful business in Boston for several years, returning to Ireland to study Fine Arts, have collaborated to co-create a fantastic weekend corresponding with the Irish Celtic Festival Of Bealaine celebrated at the beginning of May,” says Sarah, who is from Kilkenny, living in Cork for 10 years.

The weekend will include, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Nidra and Meditation with Sarah, who will also give a talk on Women’s Health, including topics of physiology, understanding the aspects and stages of womanhood and menstrual cycle and how we can utilise natural herbal products and herbal medicine to look after our own health as a woman.

“The Woman’s Worth Workshop is about connection to the physical body through yoga and dance,” says Sarah.

“And connection to the emotional and mental self through meditation, discussion and expression, as well as connecting to our inner energy.

“Martha will work with you, and guide you in a special piece of personal art that you can take home with you. This is a time to let go and immerse yourself in this creative process.”

It can be a time to let go of inhibitions and just be yourself in your own cocoon.

“Dance in the Dark, led by Charlie, where people dance blindfold, is deeply invigorating, liberating and healing,” says Sarah.

“It is also light, fun and playful.”

Nobody will be watching.

“You can dance like nobody’s watching!” says Sarah.

“There are no steps or routine to learn; no preparation. Nobody bumps into you!

“People, dancing in the dark, experience a sense of liberation purpose and self-empowerment. It is a lovely feeling.

“Exploring things in common emotionally not in our everyday life is very beneficial for us,” says Sarah.

Charlie, leading Dance in the Dark, combining her experience an qualifications with movement, integral thinking, macrobiotics, an traditional healing systems says: “People often come away feeling reformed with a deep conscious connection with nature, self and others.”

The onset of summer is a perfect time for renewal, revival and rejuvenation.

“The beginning of May corresponds with the Irish Celtic festival of Bealtaine, which officially marks the beginning of summer,” explains Sarah.

“Its name derives from the old Irish words, Bel taine, meaning ‘bright fire’ and it was surrounded by a large number of folk beliefs with early Celtic spirituality origins.

“At the workshops, we hope to explore some Celtic mythology with you, to discuss the stories of ancient Ireland and discuss the meanings behind these myths and how their energies and archetypes can give us guidance in modern day.”

As the name, Bealtaine, suggests, fires played an important part in the festival around Ireland, and were often lit on prominent sacred sites.

“If lighting of the Uisneach fire at Bealtaine festival celebrates the start of summer, then how can we light a fire in ourselves, with our actions, thoughts, yoga practice and creativity?” says Sarah, giving us the opportunity to re-ignite our free spirits.

“Let’s move, chat, dance and explore our inner fire,” says Sarah.

“The Women’s Worth Workshops give women a chance to come together, to make stuff, to dance, to chat, to let go of inhibitions.”

It also gives women a chance to have lunch together.

“A delightful lunch, provided by My Goodness, will be delivered to the Yoga Loft,” says Sarah.

Martha Cashman will guide women in making Síle na Gig ceramic pieces, that you can take home with you. A Síle na Gig is a carving of a naked women displaying her vulva. There are over 100 stone carvings of Síle na Gigs found on churches, castles and other buildings throughout Ireland. It has been suggested they represent fertility symbols, or are the representation of a mother goddess.

Contemplation is on the menu too at the workshops.

“We will address plenty of time for personal contemplation, that we all require to quieten the mind,” says Sarah.

“There will be time for open discussion too, time for telling your story, and those stories of your mother or grandmother. We can share what we want to share and whatever feels right. Storytelling was a powerful tool at the beginning of human communication, and it still is.”

Sharing is caring.

“Sharing movement, meditation, dance, storytelling, and using our hands to create, fulfilling our primal needs as human beings, is a wonderful experience that we can all share together in wonderful calm, friendly atmosphere.”

Women’s Worth Workshop takes place on May 11 and 12 from 10am to 6pm in the Yoga Loft, Monaghan Road.

Email: info@shininglightwellness.com for more information or send a message through facebook.

Full weekend costs €150 plus €10 for lunch.

Deposit of €75 to http://paypal.mesarahfoxyogaherbsmov

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